It Was Just The Name

I accidentally booked myself in this town for 6 nights when I have already seen the town in its entirety in the last two days. Zaragoza is charming and beautiful but for a lone traveler who needs to meet people, it’s as boring as a plain biscuit. The churches and cathedrals are cool and today I found a castle that I checked out. It used to be for Christian, Muslim, and roman use and then as military barracks. Now as a museum. I thought I could go into all the little rooms and up the stairs and scurry around but it was all blocked off and I had to be content with imagining what was behind the big iron gates in certain parts. However, I hope to go to Toledo in the next couple of weeks and I hear it has a couple castles. We shall see. If all else fails I will simply go to Ireland or Scotland sooner and find their castles. 

This town is not without its own entertainment though yesterday I took a walk and as I stepped into the same plaza that had been so empty just a few hours earlier was now swarming with people. And every church had a form of mass happening and there were weird scary puppets and cotton candy and chocolate and bread. I asked the tourist lady what was happening and she kindly told me all about it and have me some flyers. They were in Spanish. So I still have no idea what happened but it was cool. There was music all around and different bands playing. I heard a Spanish version of “hokey pokey” sung by am Spanish version of The Wiggles. Something about a band of adults purposely performing kids songs just seems so creepy. Personally, if either of my parents were to do that I think I’d assume they had committed a crime and were doing community service. Oh to be 5 and naive and happy to sing along to any song. 


I have no clue what I will do for the next three days. Maybe ill take their train to a weird old town on the outskirts. My hostel is so cold (or maybe I’m getting sick) and so while I’m here I just try to sleep. Which is also fun. Anyway, sorry for the monotonous post. I promise next time I will try to make life sound more exciting. Madrid on the second 🙂 

Buenas tardes world. All my love, 



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