The Unofficial, Offical First Post

This is my first wordpress post since the rest have been transfered from a previous blog site. So If you are utterly confused about why I posted 13 times on February 18, it was copy and paste not an intense creative writing spree.
However, if you are here because of my last blog, hello Auntie. Today I woke up strangley early for Spains time and went for a walk becoming very lost and confused in the process. I never thought Id say this but, I´m used to finding my way in the city. This morning I didnt even find the metro. I have two weeks, though, and with learning directions I hope I will also learn some Spanish. For real this time. Sergio and Ilulia are brilliant with their English; I think its because they want to learn so badly. My Spanish is barely alive. I´ve only used it when very necessary even though I try. The thing is, I form the sentence in my head, whisper it fluently, and then open my mouth and it comes out choppy and broken and am confused by words I knew seconds ago.
I will learn though. If they aren´t scared to try English, why should I be afraid of a language foreign to me?
Thats all for today as my fingers are rather sore from typing, copying, and pasting.
Hasta Luego!

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