Once Upon a Travel

In the last 24 hours, many things have happened in my little life. First, I bought a metro ticket and forgot to validate it. And then when I was questioned on the train by an official looking person with two policman staring at me I said “Lo siento! no se……. no se….. a…….. eh?”  I think it translates to “I´m sorry, I dont know, I dont know, a, eh.”
As the men shook off the confused look from their faces, the one with the ticket machine asked something that I understood to be “when did you validate it?” and I told him “Diez … minutos? momentos? minuetas? Diez.” That tralsates to “Ten, *3 attempts at the spanish word for minutes* ten.”
Of course, after he gave me that “idiot tourist” look, he could speak English and kindly told me that next time I had to validate it. Cool. I just breathed and tried to make myself stop blushing. I thought I was over that. Apparently not.

The next happening was the squid. I ate squid. And I must say it was actually good. I didint mind the taste; however, the texture reminded me a little too much of smoked tounge which I also like the taste off and not the texture. But still, I am not a fan of seafood. At all. And I ate the sea version of a swimming spider. The other night at the hostel, we had Paella with seafood and chicken and I ate my dinner with a giant prawn sitting on the side of my plate staring at me. I tried to eat the muscle that also sat there but unfortunately it resembled anything but food. So it is a true miracle that I ate something that swims, and nearly enjoyed it. I only had one peice but I thought at least dad would be happy with me.

I have a Canadian accent. I can hear it when I try to speak Spanish and I mimic the words they say. I figured this out because people would say a word, I´d repeat it, they would shake their head and then just speak English. We also have that little problem of dialects and the fact that Spain decided to have a bunch of different languages so even when I speak Spanish its the wrong language.

Something I love about the metro in Spain: first, the announcer speaks slowly, so I can understand what it says and I also learn pronnciation of the station. Second, they play classical music. Unfortuanately it make tired people fall asleep. Fortunately it makes me happy because I can tap my toes to Mozart, Vivaldi, and I think I heard Tchikovsky. Yes, thats misspelled. I´m okay with that.

In other news, I recently celebrated my 20th and I am feeling it. Yes, its true. My eye sight is going, I can´t remember things, and to top it all off I think I have arthritis in my left hand. Typing the last three paragraphs have hurt. Its to the point where accidently cracking my knuckles makes it feel better. I hate cracking bones. Yuck. I think I can blame my declining eyesight on reading for 2 hours or more on the bus in dim light and writing in the dark. the remembering thing is natural and completely normal, and the arthritis… I have no clue. Either way, I really resent that birthday. I started to water down my juice because it was too sweet. Who does that? Old people, thats who. I suppose it has to happen eventually. I just think 5 short years from now, thats when I will be really old. I´ll probably need a cane to help hold me up with all my worldly wisdom. I´ll know everything by then.

I´m going to go watch some Spanish TV. It´s confusing and theres a lot of loud yelling and hand motions, but I think it could be helpful.
Hasta Luego!


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