Hola. This week is almost over already and it is crazy how fast its going. Its different being out of hostel life for a while. In the hostel I was in and out, always asking the receptionists questions, and I didnt really mind if they thought I was an awkward tourist because I knew in a couple days I would likely never see them again.
Here though, here I am in an apartment building where the same people pass me in the elevator or the stairs and the coffee shop lady wonders about this new girl who has come to the shop two days in a row. I´m in my own little Spanish country town; a train ride away from the city.
I´ve fallen into a bit of a routine of wake up, talk myself into going for an hour run, go for a half hour run, chill on the computer or watch spanish tv, eat lunch at 2, do random whatever till 9, eat dinner, bed at 12 or 1. It makes for long days but its good to put myself back into a routine.
I have a workaway “assignment” in Scotland and they are apparently needing someone desperately. So, instead of going in April I´m now heading there as soon as posisble in march, probably the 20th. I guess the next few months will just be jumping from place to place. I leave Valencia on the 3rd and start in Roscrea, Ireland on the 6th and then the 20th should ship me off to Inverkeithing, Scotland.
One thing that hasnt changed since I left: my love for country music. I´m not quite on top of all the latest hits as I used to be but Jason Aldean´s latest album is on my phone and I can be content with that. I´ll likely be moving to Calgary in the fall where I shall be provided with many wonderfully awesome country concerts in the infamous Saddledome. Or wherever they are held.
Alright. Soon, probably saturday,  I will go see the touristic parts of Valencia and the Beach and get myself some stories.
Unfortunate reading will come soon.
Buenas Tardes, world. (I should really learn the Spanish word for ´world´”

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