Occasionally, I’m shuffling.

I don’t always shuffle. Most often I have a favourite playlist that I’ve created for every moment. That’s what I listen to and sometimes if I’m really during I will put the playlist on shuffle. It’s exciting, being so prepared and knowing what the next song on my “Sweet and Wild” playlist will be, and then having it be something different. If you think that’s surprising, well you better just hold onto your socks for this next line.
Sometimes, I calmly double tap my home screen on my phone and hit ‘play’ on the convenient little music box only to realize 4 minutes later that I’m not in a playlist, but instead I’m shuffling through all 2,743 songs of multiple genres. The adrenaline rush is always a little scary because when I’m rocking out to Luke Bryan, I never expect the next song to be something from “Flight of the Concords” for which I sit awkwardly not moving and think about my friends back home. Despite its excitement, shuffling also has some down falls. Besides the fact that my mood alters every few minutes due to genre confusion, it also gets frustrating when I go to skip the song. I try to find one I like, but as soon as I look at the song it ruins the moment and suddenly I have to tap the skip button for 50 songs until I find one I like. In reality, I like almost all the music on my phone. But sometimes I just don’t know that I do. For example, thanks to shuffling, I found out that not only do I have the soundtrack to a movie called “xxx”, but I also don’t mind it for working out. Missy Elliot terrifies me and therefore it just makes me run faster. I’ve never seen the movie and I don’t really know how the soundtrack got into my library, but I’m okay with that now. Besides, Vin Diesel is on the cover of the album.
I don’t really know what I think about it; but today, I’m shuffling.

I’ve eaten pigs face.
I love pork but….
I thought it was popped rice. It looked like a rice cake. But nope, after I had enjoyed a couple pieces I asked (why did I ask?!) and was informed that its the cheek of a pig. More commonly known, I think, as brisket, it was good. Personally, it was better before I knew what it was. I’m trying to eat healthier and so of course I saw it and thought “hey, popped brown rice. Awesome snack.” And then came that grimacing moment were I had to tell myself “Sarah, you just ate cooked pigs fat.”
So that was that, and besides trying a piece of squid-like….something (I didn’t ask), I have not eaten other foreign meat. I wasn’t a picky water before I traveled.

And for the “Sarah-Collides-With-Stationary-Object” story of the day: This house has a glass door between the kitchen and the pantry. It’s a very clean glass door. Also I’m not used to glass doors in the middle of a kitchen. So… Yeah, that pretty much goes right where you think but like 4 times today.
I’m off to see the port! (Pun completely thought out and intended because its amazing)


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