The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly Wherever it Fricken Wants To.

So, the last coupld days were blah. Its because its raining. Yeah, turns out the rain is more in the cities here rather than the plains. Screw you, Henry Higgins for fooling me these last 15 years! Now that I think of it, I probably shouldnt have watched “My Fair Lady” at 5 years old. Hm.
Thanks to the rain I spent all of two days ago in the house doing fake ab workouts while watching tv. My work-out ethic is about as good as all the tv dads’. “6…. uhh….7…. yup. That should be good.” Yesterday I actually went outside for a walk in the rain. However, it wasn’t the refreshing rain that I could daydream in. Instead, it was pouring rain and I was slightly terrified by a windy thunderstorm. Surprise, surprise, I ended up at the same cafe I keep going to. I sat there and wrote about the crazy baker who was working. She was truly an oddball. As 3 other folks and I walked in, she began shouting at us about keeping the water outside and to hang up the umbrellas. She then proceeded to mop the storefront. Outside. In the rain. Mopping.
Now, the spanish business people always mop the sidewalks in front of their stores, much like we shovel snow from our storefronts back home. But not in a blizzard! After writing about Ms. Baker for a while, I ordered a second coffee and somehow struck up a conversation with a lovely couple named Paul and Diane. I really hope her name is Diane. I don’t totally remember. Anyway, they were an older couple from Arizona and I joined them at their table for the remainder of our time at the cafe. They live here. I thought that was cool. A year and a half, and they dont speak Spanish yet. I thought that was interesting. They were cool.

After I fought my way through the trecherous wind and rain to the house, I somehow stumbled across The Fine Bros  youtube. That in turn led me to JacksFilm where I watched all the “Your Grammar Sucks” videos becuase they are immensley hilarious.
This morning I woke up, ignored my rude alarms, and lay in bed for a hour. As my self punishment for not getting up and going for a run earlier, I made myself go for a run in the rain. It wasnt that bad though. I kept passing the same two old men at the park and they would always come around the corner while I was stretching in some semi-awkward position. It was a good time.

And that is all. I have been doing nothing else really. Today, I will do laundry and then… probably end up at the cafe again 😦 I can’t believe I’m complaining while I’m traveling in Spain. I’m a bad person. But I just forgive myself, So I’m a good person again. YAY! On Sunday I leave to Barcelona and then Ireland, both of which, should provide me with writing material and any readers will no longer be stuck will badly written diary pages. My apologies.
Have a fabuloso afternoono!


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