Dear Alix

Before I left for my travels, my friend,Alix, gave me a journal. Often I will begin the entries as a letter to her and that’s how today’s began. So I’m going to start with that.

“Dear Alix,
It is 8:30 in the morning here in Valencia. I had to catch a train at 8:30. Valencia has two train stations. I went to the wrong one. So, with a 20 pound pack on my back, in my cowboy boots and leather jacket, and with 4 minutes to make a 5 minute walk, I ran. Hobby cannoli did I run. Have you ever ran with a backpack on for more than a minute? That’s some tough stuff iChat there. I could see the station about 2 blocks before I was there, but it was my finish line; the train was my trophy. At 8:29 I flashed my ticket at the security guard and he said okay. I don’t even care how wrong that might sound. I got my bags through security ad ran through the platforms until I got to the right train. 8:30 and I was stepping into the train, red, sweaty, and happy that I got my workout done today. Now I am on the train heading to Barcelona.
I hate sprints but I just did, like, 7 with 20 extra pounds on my back. Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty Amazing Race right now.

So that was the way I found out that Valencia has two train stations. Now in Barcelona I walked to my hostel and then set off to find a hairdresser. On the walk towards the metro these two guys asked me “do you have a minute?”
I replied with “Not if you’re selling anything.” Thankfully, they were just looking for directions and so we all wandered for a bit till thy found the street they needed and I found my metro. On the train to find the shop, I witnessed an incredibly awkward encounter. The train has four seats in a bench. I was occupying one with these rest on my right. To my left was a tall young man, a shorter, stockier fellow, and at the end sat someone of no significance to this story except for the fact that at one station he got up and left. I happened to glance in the window across from me where I could see our reflections in time to watch the stocker man slide over to the vacant seat. He did so stating straight ahead but then the tall man beside me looked over at the short man and made eye-contact before looking at the empty seat between them. Then they made eye contact again and held it for longer than strangers usually do and they looked ahead again. It was so awkward but I had to kind of laugh. The tall guy seemed so offended that the other man would move over.

Barcelona is beautiful again today although its supposed to rain tomorrow. I’m waiting for friends to reply to emails so I can hang out.
Have a wonderful evening world!
Love, Sarah.


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