Wishing I Was There

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVOURITE MOTHER EVER! She’s the best. The bomb-diggity. The bees knees. She’s cooler than an ice cream truck in Alaska and hotter than bare feet on the blacktop. She’s totally missable and huggable and friendable. She’s a great friend. She has not a grey hair on her head which is surprising considering she raised my sister and I and the four little ones. She’s awesome. Growing up, she would tell us stories by the light of an old oil lamp, and she would mow trails in the tall, tall grass behind our trailer. Then she would let us use our imaginations and get lost in the little maze.
She homeschooled us and instead of French as our second language, we learned Latin and German, neither of which I remember much of. She tried to give us art lessons once. Forced us all into music and obeying intimidating teachers. She taught us how to laugh and sometimes she laughed at us making us cry but then she did her wonderful acting job of hugging us until we felt better and then laughing on her own later.
She’s beautiful and humorous, smart and kind, headstrong and determined. And she is very loved and very missed by a traveling young woman in Spain. Especially today, her birthday.
Love you forever mama. You often say you admire your daughters; just remember, we learned from you. I miss you and love you and hope you have a fabulously fantastic day!
That’s all for today world,


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