Stone Structures.

Castles, graveyards, garden walls- they are my favorite, built in stone, preferably hundreds of years ago. There is an old left over piece of a castle in a field about 15 minutes away from where I’m staying and as I climbed through the steep, dark stairwell to the towers I wished again that I could’ve grown up in the era of pirates and kingdoms and excitement.
Then today another workaway and I went to see Birr castle which is about 5 km away from us. We were ony allowed in the spectacular gardens because the castle itself is still lived in by the family. The estate is beautiful though, and following the advice of our host, we went traipsing into the woods on a small trail and found an adorable lakeside cabin. It was my idea of a perfect home. One room with a table, fireplace, and chairs, with a whatnot in the corner. The windows were boarded but I could imagine them open with curtains fluttering in the breeze (or in today’s case, freezing winds) and a small cot in the corner. Of course there would need to be shelves for my books and my trunk of books could sit at the edge of my cot. I haven’t figured out the food thing in my mind yet. However, it’s right on the lake so perhaps I could fish. One day I will have a cabin like so.
Tomorrow I am working again with grading willow. It’s a cool job despite being outside in the wind. I don’t mind the wind so much though. Sometimes I have to look up at the cloud covered sky and across the lamb dotted fields and remind myself “I’m in Ireland!” It’s so awesome.
Goodnight world!
Love, Sarah







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