The Bike Ride
This morning I was going to go to Killarney or somewhere with a similar sounding name, but I slept in instead. So at 10:30 I decided to bike the 16 kilometres to the next town. It apparently has a lake and a castle. I wouldn’t know. Of course I made it to the town alright and I even made it into a cafe where I ordered a coffee and was scouring over the menu. That’s when I thought to myself “Sarah, where is your wallet?”
“It’s in your jacket pocket like it always is.” I told myself.
“And where is the jacket?”
“On the floor of your bedroom half underneath the bed like it always is.” I again replied. Following that was a line of made up bad language (I’m trying to swear less and use more colourful language like yellowsubmarinefruitcake) as I apologize to the lady at the coffee shop and walked out. So I began the bike back to the house. Thankfully, this is Ireland so no hill is really that steep. However, I haven’t biked much since I was twelve and so my bottom was entirely dreading the return trip. During the return trip some people in a car yelled at me something that sounded like “oglieklish!” and I didn’t really know what to think of it. They weren’t even cute boys making fun of me. It was girls. So it probably was mean 😦 Once I got to the road I am living on I started singing about the things around me and how I felt and I distracted my numb legs long enough for me to get to the house. Yes, that does mean I rhymed “hey mr cow” to “there’s a cloudow.”
And people ask why I don’t write music.

The Walk
Around 3 or 4 I went for a walk with the kids of the family. The oldest brother is home for the weekend and is 10 years older than his youngest sister, Eva, 9. I found it interesting to watch because I too have a younger sister ten years younger than me. I miss her quite a lot so it’s been nice to have another little girl snuggling up to me and making me play Yahtzee. I’m starting to wish I’d said “yes” a few more times when my younger siblings asked me to play games with them. Anyway, there is also a younger brother, Jake-11, and the two kids fight like crazy. Today on the walk was one of the first times I saw them play fight and it was a little more like home. Still, it’s always a competition between them. Eva pushes Jake, he has to push back harder. Jake pulls Eva’s hair; she has to pull his back. Near the end of the walk the hair pulling happened and Jake made Eva cry. Immediately Rueban, the older brother, started saying Jake started it and walked him faster away from his sister. I told Eva she would be okay and to save her tears for later so she wiped her dry eyes and slipped her hand into mine. We walked in silence for a little bit and finally I said “brothers can be a pain but you really should back off with egging him on so much. I know it’s just in fun at first but even jokes can hurt.” She looked at me and nodded.
“My sister and I used to fight like you and Jake do.” I told her. “My mum would give us knives and put us in the room and tell us we could fight that way. Suddenly the thought of killing my sister like I told her I wanted to didn’t seem to good anymore. I would really miss her.”
Eva replied, “yeah, I don’t want Jacob to die. But I think he would kill me and not care.”
“He wouldn’t kill you. He does love you Eva. He’s just a boy right now and they have a hard time showing their love to their siblings. I used to think my sister really wouldn’t care if I was dead but that’s just child thoughts. She’s now the only one who really messages me ad tells me she misses me. She’s now one of my best friends.”
Eva just shrugged and side hugged me as we walked up the driveway. I realized I sounded like my mom with the “your siblings will be your best friends one day” speech. I also realized that speech was true for the most part. Right now I just want to see my little brothers and sisters and hug them. We get mad at you guys but its just cause you’re annoying in the most lovable ways.
I no longer no where this is going. I’m really tired since that bike trip.
Last night we had the guitars out in the living room and music and beer were just flowing and it was such a scene from home. So I think a little bit of homesickness has hit.
Last seen Canada: 2 months
Last seen Mom and family: 5 1/2 months.
And Scotland on Wednesday. Hopefully some better stories to share 🙂
Good afternoon world.


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