Across the Frozen Tundra.

It’s cold.
3 degrees Celsius cold.
I’m supposed to be a North Western Canadian girl! This is easy breezy t-shirt weather for me!
Yeah right. Traumatically, my silly body has adjusted to European climate and this weather is no longer joyously accepted. 3 degrees in march used to mean spring was coming and the weather was getting warm. Seeing pavement was a miracle and people dug the snow off the dirt in order to excitedly plant their gardens.
Okay, the last one maybe not so much. But still, I SHOULD NOT BE THIS COLD! I am a strong ,warm woman who does not need an extra sweater or mittens!
Nevertheless, my hands can barely type this and my little feetsies are begging for wool socks and the toasty hearth of a fire. I am under dressed for this heat-lacking hotel since my clothes are waiting to be washed. Today I am rocking an ice cube version of a sundress with one long sleeve which will have to be washed as soon as I start the load. I keep thinking if sunshine and beaches and I think right now I would give anything to be sun burning in Barcelona or Morocco right now.
So since my home town is nearly warmer than my travel destination I have yet another reason to miss home. But this has taught me an important lesson: never let myself pick the travel destination.
Good afternoon frozen world.
All my heart shaped ice cubes, Sarah




2 thoughts on “Across the Frozen Tundra.

  1. Warm hugs! Bone chilling cold is just miserable, as I recall from London. You will forever appreciate a whole new aspect of life previously unrecognized. Can you purchase a woolly sweater while dreaming of Grandma’s socks?

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