The Things I Took for Granted When I Still Comfortably Lived With My Parents

In no particular order, here are the things I would love to have again.
1. Free washer and dryer. Actually, a working washer and dryer in general.
2. My parents’ cooking
3. Quick Internet. Not even hi speed. Just quick.
4. Unlimited texting.
5. Friends to hang out with.
6. Being asked direction rather than asking directions.
7. Being a regular at a coffee shop.
8. Knowing the regulars at the coffee shop.
9. The awfulness of smalltown ‘clubs’ – aka, The Twin.
10. Country radio.
11. Local radio.
12. TV shows that aren’t 3 seasons behind.
13. Safeway and Shoppers Drug Mart.
14. Knowing where everything is in the above mentioned stores.
15. Hudson Bay Mountain.
16. The 5 minutes it took to walk the entirety of Main Street.
17. My car.
18. My siblings. They aren’t so little anymore.
19. Wide open sky, even in the middle of town.
20. Being able to pop into a friends house and visit with their mom.
21. Fireplaces and heating.
22. A paying job I enjoyed.
23. A dresser. You know, that thing you keep clothes in for 6 months that’s not a backpack.
24. Febreeze and Windex.
25. The currency. I always have to mentally calculate the euros or pounds into Canadian Dollars so I know how much I’m really spending.
26. My guitar.
27. Non-Starbucks coffee shops with wifi.
28. People assuming I’m Canadian rather than American. Nothing wrong with Americans, its just that I’m not.
29. Driving for an hour on the backroads and still not crossing into the next town.
30. Hugs.
31. My bed.
32. My bedroom. Which has probably been changed into and office or a storage room or and arts and crafts room or a guest room.

There is much much more but the list would go on forever. Photos are of my favourite mountain; one from a mainstreet coffee shop, and one from my bedroom window.
Good night world!
All mah loooove,




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