The Swan Song

Today is the finale of march 2013. That’s crazy. Mostly because its only 3 months until its a year after the year I should have graduated and ditto for when I did graduate. High school. And then BAM! I’m suddenly in Europe and freaking out over missed trains and luggage and customs.
March has been good. The fourth was mothers birthday, and somewhere in that time I was in Ireland. That was cool. I biked the longest bike ride I’ve ever never thought I’d do, I’ve made a willow panel since I now know what willow is, and I’ve learned that I will never willingly work in a hotel again as far as cleaning rooms.
I ran nearly every day for the last two weeks; yesterday we ran two hours and came back to buy donuts and cupcakes. So that wasn’t entirely productive. But it was delicious.
Yesterday was also my little sister’s birthday. I waited until 10 pm my time to call her at 3 pm her time only to have my call card not work 😦 so tonight I will call her with Skype. She’s 12 and gorgeous and smart and way cooler than I was at 12. I really really miss her. So happy belated birthday Lizzie. ❤❤
I’m off to walk. I don’t know where. Somewhere. Oh, look, there’s a white Oldsmobile in the parking lot. I used to drive one of ’em. The good ol’ days.
Adios March and good afternoon world.
Owl mee loov,


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