Wrap Your Arms Around Me.

I love hugs from people I know. I only clarify “people I know” because I have a growing number of people I don’t know walking up to me and giving me hugs. They usually are male, no younger than 83 and don’t speak English. But hugs from people I know are so awesome. It’s a total bonus if I actually like the person! A lot of my friends are huggers. I could walk into Safeway back home and see someone I know and our conversation is
“Hey how are you?”
“Cool well I gotta run.”
“Yeah me too. Okay bye!”
Like, where in that conversation was physical contact ever necessary? However, I miss those hugs. I got a hug the other night from my roommate because I made us Easter dinner. AKA chicken and rice stirfry.
Physical hugs from toddlers are precious and from old people are taken for granted. Hugs from parents are sometimes shrugged off; and, then there that guy or girl and you don’t really know what you are so it’s an awkward side hug every time.
Last night I got cyber hugs from my family. It was heartwarming and almost as good as the real thing. First I was chatting with my mom and we just pretty much leaned towards the camera at an angle. And then after seeing my entire farm family (hi Grössi and Marlies!) my youngest sister took the iPad and started walking around the house for some reason. It was actually pretty cool. It was like getting a tour but not having to walk. It was like she was carrying me through my home. I guess she was. Anyway, she turned the camera to her and then in her beautiful little 10year old voice she said “Sarah, I miss you.” And then she hugged the iPad. I am hoping she was virtually hugging me and not just being a normal technologically advanced child of her generation. Finally I made it back to the kitchen to sing “Happy Birthday” to my other sister and then I got a group hug attempt and said goodbye.
Although I absolutely love those hugs from the people I like, I still gotta say, hugs are weird. Weirdly awesome. I mean why do people go front to front? Personal space invasion much? I think I’m going try to make back hugs a thing. It’s probably not any less awkward.
Today I would like a hug but I will be okay because I think the hugs last night will help me last for another month from home. I’m cold, drinking water, eating chocolate, and grumpier than Nick from New Girl.

I don’t know how to end this post. Seriously, I thought out the initial thoughts and progress o the post but I still haven’t figured out an ending line.
Hmm. That works.
Goodnight darling world!
All my love!


One thought on “Wrap Your Arms Around Me.

  1. Back hugs are piggiebacks! Totally agree with nonfamilial hugging. And double cheek bussing? Eughh. I wouldn’t have thought that our Scottish ancestors were so emotionally emotive. Where to next?

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