I Can Plan Now?

I used to waitress. There are many reasons why I love that job: being on my feet all day, making tips, and cleaning up after messy babies. Mostly, I loved that I never really had to plan ahead farther than two weeks. I used “I’ll have to see what I’m working.” as an excuse to put off planning. I mean, big vacations were always given 2 months notice practically but even then, if I knew what day the schedule would be printed and got my requested dates in on time, I was golden for enjoying time off in two weeks time.

So naturally, the wisest thing for a non-planner to do is to puddle jump across the world. With no plans. It worked well in Spain. I started in Barcelona, had a hostel booked for 4 nights and didn’t have a clue what the city had to offer. But then I enjoyed it so much and I didn’t know where I would go next so I booked another 3 nights and finally left to Zaragoza, once again, not knowing where stop number 3 would be. I really liked it like that. But then  money started to diminish and I got signed up on workaway, and now I’m planning because I’m asking people if I can come stay and work for them for a couple weeks. I got this place in Scotland for a month ( actually 6 weeks, but I was ready to leave the day I arrived so I am leaving at the one month mark.) and then someone near Leatherhead, England said I could come there for a couple weeks starting May 13th.

Now I was left with 3 weeks of open calender, 1 weeks worth of cash ( a very sad week as well) and no one responding to my wittingly written emails begging them to give me their address so I could come sleep in their barn for free. *disclaimer to the family members who read this and don’t pick up the exaggerations. I didn’t actually ask people if I could sleep in their barns. Please backspace the email you are about to send me.*
Last night, I went out on a limb and said to myself “myself, what if we went to Wales? Its not in our original plan, but then again, if we were sticking with that we’d still be in Spain.” and I said “Hey now, Myself! That’s not such a half bad idea!” and so I looked for work in Wales and emailed two places. Last night one responded saying I could come for two weeks and thus, I made a plan.  A real itinerary. By myself.  I doodled it and made it look all official too, with little scribble side notes and afterthoughts to make it look like I have thoughts after I’ve already thunk. (I fully intend for people to read an edited, story enhanced, version of my travel journal one day.)

April 20th- train from Inverkeithing to Liverpool. *note to self: find out whats cool in Liverpool other than body organs and water.)
Tickets are booked as well as a hostel. by this point I am already feeling ahead of the game for having tickets booked long before a day in advance.
April 22nd train from Liverpool to Nottingham. YAY sherwood forest and Robin Hood! and thats all I know about Nottingham. Tickets and hostel are once again already booked. (Look at her go, folks!) I gave myself 3 days in Nottingham because I figured, its a forest, and I’m not very bright, so I’ll probably get lost in said forest and not have time to see anything else. So, the forest is my tightrope and day 3 is my safety net.
April 25th – train from Nottingham to Birmingham. Tickets and hostel booked. 3 for 3!
I’m gonna be totally honest here. I have not a single clue in the entire Galaxy what is interesting in Birmingham. I only picked there because I needed to get slightly closer to Wales and because there is a country song that sings “Paint me a Birmingham.” Until 3 hours ago, I thought it was a car.
And on April 27th I will train from Birmingham into Aberystwyth, Wales. No, I do not know how to pronounce that. And yes, I am saying it out loud for my own entertainment. There I will catch a bus to another town nearby that holds a Stud Farm. Thats horses, not 80’s slang for incredibly good looking bad boys in leather jackets working on Greased Lightning. I will happily be mucking out stalls and feeding animals until May 11th when I’m hoping to find a cheap way to Cardiff and a cheaper hostel and then somehow, probably a bus, I’ll get to Leatherhead. It’s somewhere around London on my map. And THEN, I work on another small hobby farm from the 13th until the 27th of May and BAM! Miss Sarah just killed a month of Travel time.
Two down, one to go. Hopefully in the states. and hopefully somewhere warm. Although I’m tempted to find my family in Ontario and see if I can’t hide in their garage until Dad gives me the All Clear to come home in July.

July 20th or 21st: Im am hoping to be home, happy, and so much grateful for my mothers cooking and my Dad’s fireplace. I don’t care if its in the blazing days of July, I want to go light the fireplace and just enjoy being WARM!

Other things I most certainly will be: Exhausted, tired of every stitch of my clothing that I’ve worn for the last 6 months, and utterly, completely, no doubt about it broke.

Have a glorious afternoon, world.
All my love,


2 thoughts on “I Can Plan Now?

  1. Did you buy any woollies? Hope you get to see London. Actually, hope I get to see London again but will take any vicarious thrills you have to offer! Love your adventures.

    • I have wool mitts if that counts. I cant afford to a) buy new things and b) pay for heavy luggage, so I’m just layering up. London will be at the end of May. I’ll fly out but give me a couple days to see it all. I’m consatnly living in the scarf you sent with me. its amazing. 🙂

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