It’s Not A Normal Time To Post

Today, four hours from now, I will gleefully be trudging the 5 minute walk to the train. Gleefully, because I’m stoked to see Liverpool and pretend I know so much about the Beatles. Trudging, because I’m gonna have my back pack on. I think it’s gained like 40 pounds. It’s really gotta start working out or eating less clothes. Seriously.

It is……. 3:59, 4 o’clock in the a freaking m and guess who can’t sleep. Ya wanna know why? Well to bad, I’m going to tell you anyway. I woke up yesterday morning at 7 to make people’s breakfasts and then by 3 thirty I was running and working out. And by 5 I remember laying my head down for “two minutes.” And woke up and 7:30. So I blame the impromptu nap.

If my roommate was here, she would probably think I’m total psycho because I keep on whispering “shhhh” to my thoughts. The thoughts are in my head, the shhh is out loud.

So. Liverpool. That should be exciting. What do I know about it? Well, for starters, I know there is a hostel. Ummm… I think there’s something about an Abby Lane. Maybe I’ll see some nuns! I’ve read that Paul McCartney has a house there. And John Lennon I think. They are more like museums I think. Speaking of McCartney, I used to have a huge crush on the pop star of 2007, Jesse McCartney. He had gorgeous blond hair and super cool blue eyes and he always signed his posters with “you rock my sox!!” With a couple little hearts and his signature. When I grew out of that phase I swore off all blond hair, blue eyed, boys. They are trouble. Super duper attractive trouble, but trouble none the less.
My parents and extended family read this so…. New subject.

You know snapchat? You snap a picture and send it to someone with a time limit and once the person opens it, it disappears in 10 seconds or whatever, never to be seen again. Well people in Canada have realized I’m awake and so they send pictures of them in daylight with the caption “hey! Miss you” or “how’re your travels?”
And I’ve just started sending a picture of the dark with the caption “it’s night time” or something equally as boring and conversation ending.
And I wonder why my friends barely chats with me.

Well, I’m going to try this sleep thing again. I hope it works because I know where the bag of candy is hiding in the kitchen and I feel a late night munchie sesh coming on. NO! I must sleep.
Sweet dreams world,
All my love,

2 thoughts on “It’s Not A Normal Time To Post

  1. The government is going to award medals or the Bomber Command airmen. Your Uncle Ralph already applied on your Grandpa’s behalf. When you go to London there is a new humongous statue of the Bomber Boys. Would pay good $ to see a photo of his only ‘ginger’ grandchild with them. Happy dreams.

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