Another Time Away

Occasionally, I find myself in places that don’t particularly interest me. I book myself a ticket and a hotel there only because I have no idea where to go. Most often than not, I leave realizing that I wasn’t supposed to be there for the site seeing, but rather for the company. Madrid was one of those places. I wasn’t a huge fan of Madrid because its so popular for the party lifestyle and that’s not what I go for. But that hostel was such a fun week of drinking in the kitchen and getting tattoos and meeting people who changed my perspective. I learned so much from the people I met in Madrid.
Nottingham is another one of those places. I arrived on Monday afternoon and quickly discovered it wouldn’t take me long to see it all. Thankfully, the hostel had a great group of really random people.
There aren’t many girls here. In fact I’ve only seen one and that was the night I arrived. So I spent yesterday wandering around Nottingham and looking at whatever there was. It’s been cool. Last night we all just sat in the kitchen drinking beers and watching the manager attempt to tape pictures to card paper while we tossed around jibes and stereotypical jokes. We have French, Slovakian, Brazilian, Irish, and me, Canadian. It made for a fun night that lasted until 4 in the morning.

This morning I got up and dressed and to the kitchen by the 10am time we agreed to meet, only to find that it was now changed to 11. Finally, at 12, three of us walked to a large, beautiful estate where they filmed the latest batman movie. And we walked and walked and walked and got lost, and walked until we got back to the hostel four hours later.
The people here are all their own kind of crazy and all the different stories are really cool to hear. Some people like to tell their’s a lot louder and longer than others, but it helps me practice patience and listening. :p

I also realized today that there is a reason I adventure on my own. I love the silence. While walking today, the other two were some serious chatty Kathy’s and I just wanted to shake them and say “Silence. Is. Okay.” I didn’t though.
Tomorrow I venture into Birmingham and since the town has even less attractions than this, I’m praying for at least an equals attractive hostel as here. Ill keep it posted 🙂
Good afternoon, world.



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