I Don’t Care How Country This Sounds

After a long train and a mind-muddling newspaper, I have arrived in wales. The stud farm is beautiful, the horses are big and scary, and there are a few head of New Zealand Jersey steers in the field. My boots are dusty from mucking out stalls and one of my three pairs of jeans has ripped. My favourite part of today’s chores was when we pushed all the loose grass and hay into the bucket of the tractor and then sat on it for the ride back to the farm-yard. I haven’t done that in way too long.
My room is cold and I sense it will be a lonely two weeks as I’m separate from the family and very much just a “student worker.” So I suppose I shall run to keep warm and continue talking to the voices in my head to keep from going insane. That makes sense, right?
The farm is 3 miles from a wifi zone. Apparently I’m going to top all my high scores in sudoku.
Wales is super duper beautiful and hopefully I will have photos for the next post.
Buenos tardes, país.
Todo mi amor.


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