A New Dawn, A New May

Okie dokie, I just walked three miles to get wifi so let’s get started, shall we?
Wales is glorious. Firstly, the rain falls and it’s cold until the sun shines and birds sing and I get all warm and happy inside. Secondly, the radio stations play a lot of Shania Twain. Canadian country! Thirdly, people speak welsh which makes me smile because it sounds a little like someone speaking Hebrew as they sing like a bird and eat oatmeal. And then there is the whole spelling issue. W sounds like y or ee so words can seem to have no vowels and its totally normal. I think “hello” is “shmai” or something not spelled similar. As I write this, it is a quarter after seven, the sun is still above the sea in the horizon, and I have a coffee nearly finished. Coffee at this time is bad but I figure I have a three mile walk home, right?
Home. My concept of home is apparently anywhere I’ve spent 24 hours. Also, wherever my backpack is. OH MY GOSH SUMMER OF ’69 JUST CAME ON THE RADIO AND IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!
“These are the best days of my life.”
Anyway,( whenever I say that I think of my dad who pretty much owns the word. “AAAANNNYYwaaaay” he says it like that whenever he realizes that he’s way off track in a story.) With the sun shining and country music playing, I feel like I am just a blink away from friends and dirt roads and campfires by the lake. It’s a long blink. Kinda like a nap, but it’s a intentional dream. Today I laid in the sun and took a long blink. Suddenly I was back in my friend’s red jimmy and we were cruising down a really sketchy logging road, fishing poles in the back, radio loud. It was a ten minute hike through the forest to a small lake with a row boat pulled on shore and after fishing and not catching anything we made our way back to her truck to find that she had a flat tire. She heard a moose or something in the woods and jumped in the truck while I jacked it up and changed the tire. Then I heard something too so I yelled and got in the truck, she hit the gas, and we went about 2 feet before we realized the jack was still under the car. Have you ever tried getting a jack unwedged from behind a tire? It is not easy.
I also like to reminisce about the walks my other friend and I would unintentionally take. We would meet up at Tim Hortons, get large ice caps, and sit on the hood of the car in the sun. We were that cool. Sitting in the parking lot of the local coffee chain. After five minutes we would be antsy and start walking. And walking. And walking. Two hours later we would be holding empty cups and full bladders and realize that we were a good 30 minutes from the closest garbage can, never mind a washroom. “These are the best days of my life.”
Well, now that I have successfully talked myself into missing the old days, I’m gonna walk and listen to some Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin to make myself happy again. I have a cd with the best of them and Sammy Davis jr and its been on repeat ever since I realized how much I smile when I listen to it. 🙂
Before I go I just want to send a special message to Dan Hamhuis, #2 on the Vancouver Canucks. Defence!! Please win the cup this year!! Oh, and Kesler, Ryan my boy. How I miss your jaw line in the close ups of the game. #17.
I think that’s it. I honestly think the Canucks have a good chance of winning the cup this year because I am not there to celebrate. And it seems that the thing I want come true when I leave or am not around. I’m like a reversed good luck charm. Send me away, live another day.
The espresso is working.
Good night world!!
All my caffeine jacked love, Sarah.

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