Tea, Oxygen, Same Diff.

Oh. My. Goodness. First off, hallelujah that I scrambled up enough cash to pay for a bed last night and tonight. It has been raining in various themes here. Dripping, pouring, pounding, sideways, softly, and tons of other adjectives that precede “rain”. And all of it is cold. Maybe I’m just being a wuss, but other people are bundled up too so maybe I’m not. Tea is the best thing then to warm up these cold bones.
Being broke really is showing me how to prioritize my spending and to look for better deals. So I’m actually thankful in a way for this. Today I bought an apple, pear, and banana for lunch and dinner and it cost me a pound. Yesterday I went and got a coffee from McDonald’s and it cost me two pounds fifty. So now that I have an idea of where and how to shop, I think it will not be so bad.

Cardiff was rowdy last night, with people dressed in drag no matter their sexuality and far to many men were in full Disney costumes. Like take the costumes from Disneyland and these people where like “I could totally wear this to a club this weekend!” And they did. I think it’s a British thing because Nottingham had the same sort of nightlife.
Another thing I’ve noticed is that there aren’t many mixed gender groups. Back home we usually partied with or hung out with girls and guys alike. Here, the girls are all in their clique and the guys are all in theirs. It’s kind of weird. Also, tons of people smoke over here. I suppose it’s another way to warm them up, like tea.

Well, I’m going to have a heartwarming Skype chat with my sister.
Stay warm, world.
Love, Sarah.


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