A Little Bit Like Home.

My new hosts are absolutely brilliant. I mean that in the British term of awesome, although I think they are quite smart too. The patch of land they inhabit is called “the brambles” and for good reason. When they bought the property is was rather overgrown and screamed “PROJECT” which is why they brought in workawayers. I’m their fourth.
Yesterday as I was doing some hard work, I continued passing an overgrown garden plot containing a couple raised beds and a greenhouse with some tools. So I asked my host if I could weed that area; if it would be helpful. She was very happy with the idea of having a garden area even if its just for next year. And I was very happy with the idea of sitting in dirt and digging around the worms. It’s like I’m 5 and in a sandbox again.
I really like gardening. I just tend to pull out everything green before I realize that some of the green was supposed to stay. Oops. But in this case it’s all weeds except for a very obvious rhubarb bush and perhaps a couple plants that have tried to push up through the dead grass and dandelions.
I spent 4 and a half hours in there and got 3/4 to where I wanted to end up. But that’s okay because there is always tomorrow and probably on out 20 hours of work left.

In the house I heard the lady saying she was craving something sweet and I offered to make cookies. I love making chocolate chip cookies and I hope that one day my great grandchildren love them and try to make them like me. Not that I do anything super special, but I do mix everything incredibly well and I put a lot of love into the cookies, even if they are for strangers. So these cookies were awesome because I haven’t baked in, well since I left Canada. 5 months? And baking cookies makes me happy. I made three dozen and I think maybe half of them are gone. The lady (Sam) kept taking one and saying “these are way to good!” And that’s what my mom always said so it made me even more happy.
I got the kitchen cleaned and then folded the laundry and mopped the floor and looked forward to when I can once again sweep familiar floors and wash plates with fading patterns.
“We have a bread maker too, in case you’d like to make bread.” Said Sam.
“I have an easy recipe I used to make back home. I make it by hand if you’d like to try it.” I told her. She was game, so I emailed my mom and got the recipe I used to be so proud of memorizing. Tomorrow I get to make bread! I don’t know how many years its been since I’ve done that. At least 2!
Ill be here until the 29th and I think that all these chores I love doing, along with feeding the chickens, or organizing the sock bag, it will make for a nostalgic and happy couple of weeks.

A lot has happened at home since I’ve been gone. People have started dating, others have broken up, babies were born and too many people close to the people I know have died. But I know my town and the people I grew up with, I think there won’t be too much change when I get back. So for now I will enjoy my familiar routine and these last few months of travel.

Although I’m not sad, I’m a little homesick (recovering from being a lot homesick; sorry to everyone who got a card written that week. Super depressing stuff :p) and I miss the comforts of home. But what I miss more than anything at all is the hugs. It’s really the only thing I would ask for if it were sendable. Just a big almost-rib-breaking hug. Nothing is quite as heartwarming as an I-missed-you hug, so ill wait because I know the longer it takes, the better it is. 😊

That’s all for today, folks. I hope and pray you are all hugging the people who are soon to travel and throw one in there for me. Always find something to smile about.
Goodnight, world. All my love,


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