“The Worm” and Other Stories.

The Worm.
Gardening is part of the work I do for 4 hours everyday. Actually, it’s basically what I do for 4 hours everyday. I enjoy sitting in the dirt and pulling green life out, but I think we already went over that. What continues to make me a little squirmy is the amount of worms that will slither up from the bottom of the dandelion roots. Some just feel the earthquake caused by my shovel shifting the nearby soil and they begin inching toward more stable ground. Or, in the case of an overly large earthworm, they don’t go anywhere. I’m pretty sure if they could jump or bite, I would be number one on their hitlist. You’ll understand in a minute.
Yesterday, mr. Worm decided to go wherever I was digging. I assume it was some sort of protest against the demolishing of his home for better industry, but what can one worm do against a country girl with a garden rake? Ha.
After working around this 3 and a half inch long creature for a few minutes, I picked it up and with a disgusted sigh I tossed it aside. Fast forward fifteen minutes and I was kneeling a few feet further up the path. Since I was kneeling in dirt and wearing my boots, dirt kept getting in my boots and sometimes was uncomfortable. The dirt was shifting around and making my ankle feel weird so I stood up, pulled off my boot, and shook it.

That fell out. I screamed a tough girl squeal and did the hokey pokey until I was sure all worm remnants were off my foot. Then, rebooting myself, I deported the terrorist as far across the yard as my garden fork could toss it.
Now anytime dirt gets into my boot I kinda freak out. Also, (and this is why worm now hate me) the chicken were out and pecking in the garden with me. I didn’t know if a chicken would eat a worm so the next one I found, I tossed in the chicken’s direction. I expected there to be a momentary struggle and scratch; all part of nature. So cool. Instead it was like ‘Sarah tosses worm. Chicken pecks. Worm disappears.’ Sarah goes: ………………. Eugh.
After that cold, murderous act, I got over the all-worms-are-evil-and-will-hide-in-my-boot mindset and we got along great. FALSE.
Nope, I happily tossed every other worm I found in the direction of the chickens and weeded the rest of the garden knowing I had made new friends with the hens.

Other Stories.
Tomorrow is the 19th of May and officially marks the 4th month since I got on a plane that flew me out of my country. Cool. Maybe I’ll celebrate with a small cake or a new check mark on my calendar.
Autocorrect just changed “calendar” to “calls der”. Get it together autocorrect.
Today is my day off so I decided to walk to the towns that are nearby. The first one was about a half hour walk away and when I arrived I remembered I hadn’t transferred any money into my account. Off I went to the library where they asked for ID and an address so they could get me a wifi code. I produced my canadian drivers license and the librarians began the “oh you don’t live here hmm haw hm” thing. I smiled a lot and spoke softly and politely and said I just needed five minutes to transfer some money.
“It’s 2£ for an hour of wifi.” She said.
“And for 5 minutes?” I asked.
After a couple seconds, she looked at me and shrugged and then just gave me the code and said “go ahead. Don’t worry about it.”
I FEEL SPECIAL moment count: 1

Armed with music, lip chap, and new pound notes, I began a 3/4 mile trek to Leatherhead. I meandered around this little town and found my favourite store over here, “Holland and Barrett.” I walked in and began browsing the dried fruits and right away a little middle aged man came up and asked if I needed any help. I said I was just looking and he asked “are you from Canada? You have a lovely accent. Softer than American. Yes, quite lovely.”
And we talked about his family in Toronto and how my accent sounded more eastern than western and no I don’t speak French, yes I probably should. His coworker came over and began telling me about his sister in Alaska and how they often drive to northern British Columbia, and do I speak French? No, but I probably should. Oh,well here have a discount card, you have a lovely accent, thanks for coming in, do come back any time!
My mind was in a bit of a whirl wind when I left that store but still, I was kind of doted on by the two employees. And I got a discount card.
I FEEL SPECIAL moment count: 2

Leaving the store, my stomach decided to announce to the world, in the language of whale, that it was hungry. So I went and got some not very good soup and not the green tea I ordered at a cafe that was not a cafe. I sadly paid and left to the Costa coffee place. They have Internet but you need a mobile number so that the company can text you the access code. I ordered my drink and then asked the baristas if there was free wifi.
“Just use your mobile number!” They said.
“And if I don’t have a mobile number?” I replied.
“Oh, I’ll just text it from my phone and give you the code.” Said the guy making my coffee.
“Oh wow, that’s so nice! Thank you!” I semi gushed.
Coming over to my table, he used his number on my phone and then put the code from his text into my phone. And I got wifi when I technically shouldn’t have.
I FEEL SPECIAL moment count: 3

As someone who never gets things like this from strangers, I’m feeling pretty darn special today. Almost like its my birthday and everyone knows so they’re treating me nice. But it’s not my birthday, so the Brits are just really really cool.
I hope you feel special today. It’s a great feeling. And if you’re reading this, know that you are special to me just for being you! And also because you read my blog and that makes you person in a very …. Exclusive… Group.
Good afternoon world!!!!
All my love, Sarah.


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