The LA Plan. If You Call It That.

Good rainy afternoon! It’s rainy here but that’s because Surrey just had 2 days o sunshine. 17 and 16 degrees and only white fluffy clouds dotting the skyline. That was the weekend. Today is grey; I’m drinking tea and trying not to lean my back to firmly against the chair. I learned an awesome lesson. Sunscreen works and makes a difference. Before I began working yesterday, I applied it on my shoulders and as far down my back as was necessary to the tank top I was wearing. Apparently I missed a line. My shoulders and arms are nice and tan with racer back lines, my neck and between the shoulders are less white and are slowly matching my shoulders, and then there is a nice diagonal red splotch where I can’t reach. But, as long as it continues raining here no one will see it anyway, and once I get to LA I can just tell anyone who asks that it’s a new sun tattoo that’s popular in England. Problem solved.

Next problem, LA. I tried different couch surfing sites and emailed a few people who had great reviews and absolutely nobody replied. So I emailed a hostel with the “Broke and traveling” in the subject line offering 5 hours of work 6 days a week in exchange for a bed and towel. But I think I emailed one that has to high of reviews.
So I thought “I need to find a place that needs me almost as much as I need them.” I went to hostelbookers. I sorted the hostels in price range low to high. And then I picked the top low three and wouldn’t you know, they are cheaper and they have less than 65% rating in reviews. I’ve chosen one and I’m going to continue hunting for an email address so I can proposition them. Ill make a note of what people are complaining about and then tell the hostel how ill help them fix it in the three weeks I’m there. Cross your fingers, wish me luck, and pray that this works. If I can’t get a hold of them via email I will book a room for two nights and speak to them on arrival.
And that’s my plan. What’s that? I should have a back up plan? …… Okay, well my back up plan is to spend the day on the beach. And forget to go home. And spend the night on the beach. And then tackle each day as it comes.
Dear parents! I’m kidding! No lonesome beach sleeping will take place until I have asked all hostels and motels for cleaning work and tried to make it in the city I don’t really need to make it in. I promise. I’m just writing this stuff because I like to imagine your faces when you read it. 😘
Speaking of imagining your faces, in 7 weeks imagining will no longer be necessary because I will be totally completely in your faces with “whatcha doin? How’s everything goin? Didja miss me? Huh? Didja? Did ya really miss me? Yeah? Where are the glasses? Can I have some food? Oh mom can I have your shirt because its something new to me and I hate every last one of the 6 shirts I have worn in the last 6 months?”
I have a pair of jeans I left at my sisters in Calgary and I’m there in 3 and a half weeks. I don’t know if I’m more excited to see her and my brother in law or to wear those jeans that don’t have holes. Seriously, I have 1 pair of jeans left without holes and today when I held them up to the light, I could almost see through them. Obviously they are literally being worn out.
I tried on a pair of shorts today that were slightly a little bit to tight when I shoved them into my pack and jumped around when they actually fit. Thank you 5 mile daily runs.

My farm jeans with huge holes are in the garbage, my shampoo bottles are half empty, everything is folded and rolled into the smallest bit I could make it and shoved firmly into my pack. I think if I were to cut the bag away there would by all my clothes strategically holding the shape. That’s how tightly folded together they are. After an hour of doing that and mentally planning outfits as rearranging clothes accordingly, my bag was almost filled to the top and I stepped back to admire my work. I then realized that for easier access I had rolled the top part down and when I rolled it up again my bag was just over half way full.
I’m very excited for the next three weeks and seeing what they hold and how they get me home.
Good afternoon world!
All my love,
Your disorganized planner.


3 thoughts on “The LA Plan. If You Call It That.

  1. Sounds sketchy and not so much fun as ‘time-to-be-served’. Why not fly straight to Calgary from London? LA and San Francisco will be there for your next jaunt ( with money!). Cheaper for your Dad, too. Hope you can get in the British museum for a day (mind boggling). Go love London!

    • London is way to expensive to stay for three weeks on my budget and dad has already booked my ticket so ill make it work πŸ™‚ don’t worry! Everything always works out in the end πŸ™‚

    • Oh and volunteering for the hostel is legal!!! Lots offer it on the website; at the very least I pay a lower price and make up the rest with a few hours of work.

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