Yesterday I was tiredly typing away and half way through my post, I hit the cancel button and lost my progress. However, I think it was it the best as it was painfully written and probably wouldn’t have been a great read.
Today however, I am mostly awake after a good 10 hour sleep and the sun is shining which always boosts the mood.
Im staying a couple blocks away from Portobello Road which has markets and buskers or homeless people singing. Or in the case of the two men outside this bar, they blast abba music and play air guitar to it.


My first day of arriving in the city, my host took me on a walk around and I saw some gardens and flags and the Buckingham palace. Unfortunately for my dear host, he met me after I had drank my fourth coffee of the day. So upon seeing Buckingham palace and the soldiers in front, I gasped loudly “the serious guys exist?! Woah! I thought they were just statues!!!”
He told me a few times over the next few hours “you are so out of place here.”
I agree. London is great and cool and big, but I am not a city girl. Maybe that’s why I’m visiting these cities. I want to eventually end up in a small town but I can at least say I’ve been to these cities and I know for a fact I wouldn’t enjoy living in them. Except Barcelona. I’ll go back there nearly every chance I get.
Yesterday was my first day of wandering alone and my mission was to find the Bomber Command Memorial and Oxford street. It took me 3 hours of walking around and through some huge famous gardens that I can’t remember until I found memorial statues. It then took another 45 minutes of looking and asking and meandering before I finally found it.


I’m sorry the image is not amazing. I’ll fix it eventually. I expected to walk up to the memorial and think “very impressive.” And maybe feel a moment I meloncholiness (new word) for the soldiers of all the wars. My grandfather was a gunner (Goddards, correct me if I’m wrong please.) in the Second World War and that’s why it was a priority to see this particular statue. When I did see it though, there were about 30 people around it, all veterans or family of. A man from the British Air Force was speaking about the statues and as he was finishing another man stepped up and asked for a moment of silence and the oath to be said. (During this, I had just snuck into the back of the crowd and was just watching what was going on.) so the man began speaking and I assume it was something they would have said before each mission or something. As he was about two lines from the end, the older men in the crowd were speaking along with him and then we said the final line about “we will never forget” and everyone repeated it. I’ve always loved the emotion and energy of a crowd when people begin to speak along in unison. My favourite part of provincial or national events is the singing of the Canadian anthem. I think it’s just so cool and for a moment people are actually all a part of something together. I’m not sure if that makes sense. Anyway, it was a cool experience.
Shortly after that, I found my way to Oxford street and people watched and stumbled into Bond street. They are all similar streets although I think Bond street was quieter and classier.
I really like people watching here because Londoners are really good looking. Someone did a survey and said the handsomest men are in London. I think I agree. I mean, not all of them are my cup of tea, but for the not part, I’ll casually take photos of them.
I’m kidding. I people watch, I don’t creep! Lots of them are tall, blond hair, and blue eyes. And I hate to say it, but: eye candy.

So, enough of that since my family reads this.
Last night I met up with a friend I’d met in Nottingham last month and we went on a tram in east London and he showed me some cool streets I never would have found otherwise. It was a really good night.
Today I’m trying to prevent a sunburn and just meandering. London is great if you like to shop. I don’t/can’t though, so it’s just a very hubbub city. Tonight I will meet up with my dads cousin and then tomorrow morning I think I’m going out for a full English breakfast with my friend before I head to the airport.
Airports terrify me and stress me out a lot, so I am always four or five hours early for my flight. I get to get lost in Heathrow and then get even more lost in LAX. Honestly, I’m more concerned about LAX because me + stress + jet lag = tears over the stupidest things. If I could cry in front I others I would just look like a normal girl; however, I don’t cry in front of others and so I just look like my face is scrunched up and I squint my eyes.
No matter, landing in LA means 3 glorious weeks to tan and swim before heading back and hugging the bamboozles out of my sisters and brother in law.
I can’t believe how fast this year has gone already, but I think that’s partially because I feel it’s been the most productive year of my life. I never would have guessed the things I’ve learned about me. I still am clueless about the world and my brain doesn’t seem to retain any world knowledge, but at least I try to understand and merge with the cultures I’ve experienced.
I can’t wait to get home and start working and saving up for my next trip 🙂 that’s my mindset now. All in good time.
That’s all for now dear readers.
Have a fabulous afternoon world!
All my love, Sarah.



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