I’m Probably Going To Be Fine

Just thought I’d let my family know that my plane landed and I’m alive.
I left Heathrow at 4:15 and slept perfectly fine for the three hours I’d allowed. Then at 2 or so London time I woke up and watched movies. Then I opened my blind to see we were flying over some oceans and stuff. Now I have to figure out what states have a huge blue lake and what look like crop circles. I’m think somewhere in Nevada because its Nevada and seems like a place crop circles would appear.
I debated on my plane with what was going to happen when I landed and eventually I just gave up thinking about it at all. Whatever happens, happens.

After the plane landed, I made it as far as customs before realizing that I was supposed to fill out a little form that said I wasn’t illegal or something. Part of that form was putting in the US address that you’ll be staying at. I had an idea of the name of the hostel I would probably stay at. But I ducked out of my line and went and asked for help to fill out the form. That sent about 4 people all different directions to ask about how much exact information I “really” needed, the name of the hostel, if they had a shuttle, using wifi. It was great.
I made it to terminal two, finally connected to wifi, and began searching for a hostel. Sure enough, the safer one is sold out, and the other somewhat cheap one is totally dodgy. But I think I’ll stay there tonight and leave in the morning to a new one.
Anyway, I figured I would let my parents know that I’m in Los Angeles and you don’t have to worry anymore. :p but really, don’t worry. I’ll be fine.
Since I’m now in the same time zone as home I can say goodnight world.
All my love,


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