The Shuttle Bus That Could

I know I just posted like 3 hours ago, but I have had such a surprising last three hours.
First I was sitting in the airport and trying to figure out a hostel situation. A girl who’d been on my flight from London asked me a question about the wifi and we began talking. We have a lot in common and before I left the airport, we had added each other on Facebook and perhaps we will see each other again before she leaves in two weeks. Two hours after landing, already kinda made a friend.
At 10:30 I got the shuttle bus that runs to the hostel I was hoping to stay at. There was only one other girl in there and we said hello but say silently until a few more people also were picked up. I forge what started the conversation but we too ended up talking the entire time before she was dropped off at her university. Of course, before she left she got information to add me on Facebook so we can stay in touch. 4 hours in LA and I’ve already kinda made 2 friends.
Now there were three passengers left, one of whom was dropped off shortly.It was only the driver, me, and the lady who had been sitting behind the girl and I and had been participating in the conversation some too. The lady and I talked a little more and she was very friendly, pointing out roads and telling me about the area. (We were driving up sunset boulevard in Beverly Hills.) The driver pulled up to the address and as the lady climbed out of the van she said to me “I’m going to get your fare. Don’t worry about it.”
“What?! You can’t do that! You don’t have to do that.” I told her.
“No, no.” She replied. “LA is expensive and you’re traveling. I want you to be able to stay here as long as you like.”
I couldn’t thank her enough! It was so kind! The driver said he has been doing his job for 2 years and he’s never had someone pay for stranger before. And she tipped him on both fares! I have not a clue about her name but she was small, blond, and wearing white, so maybe I was seeing an angel. Seriously, of everything I expected in LA, this never came close.
Finally at 11:30 we got to my hostel. I walked in and asked the receptionist if there was an available bed for tonight and tomorrow. She made a face that gave me the impression there wasn’t. So I quickly told her definitely for tomorrow. She told me she wasn’t going to take any more walk ins but she had one bed left and I could stay there. The till was closed and so tomorrow morning I have to go down and pay. And that’s how I got here in a decent room on a pretty good mattress in a not sketchy neighbourhood.
Despite having absolutely nothing planned before coming here, I had a really calm, good feeling about LA. I know I might be counting my chickens before they hatch, but if the next three weeks include the types of people I met tonight, I’m going to love it here and be quite alright.
Okay now it’s almost 1am so for real this time, goodnight.


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