Days Go By

I am in west Hollywood. I have discovered that there is a block, and then there is a city block. And when I think I see 3 blocks its actually closer to 15. Add in the fact that I’m wearing shorts, tank tops, and cowboy boots, I now have tan shoulders, burnt thighs, and awkward blisters on my already awkward toes.
I had three things on my list of things to get upon arriving in LA. Sunscreen, Aloe Vera, and a beach towel. The first day I burned I got the cheapest sunscreen and felt it would be fine because its not cheap. Aloe Vera was about the same price back home. I had no idea where to get a beach towel, so I did google searches one night and clicked on various store links until I found a “My Little Pony” one for 10$. I went to target the next morning and actually scored a normal beach towel for 9 dollaaahhhhs! At first, I was on a $10 a day budget. But thanks to a loving aunt who put so money into my account via my sisters, and a crazy brother who gave me cash via an LA friend, my budget is now a little more reasonable for three weeks in this city.

I was really really wanting to finish these last three weeks without taking any money from anyone, but I’m going to be grateful for having such loving family who are supporting me through my crazy ideas and adventures. 🙂

Last night I booked a flight to Calgary. The cheapest one was a good deal cheaper but meant that I must be at the airport at 4 to check in at 5 to fly out at 6:50 am. Then I stop for one hour in Denver, two hours in Edmonton, and then finally land in Calgary at 5:47 that night. So June 23rd is going to be a long day.

I’m staying in a mixed dorm (well, now it’s mixed. My first night they gave me the last bed in the hostel and it was in an all guys dorm.) and there are five British guys in the bunks around me. Last night they asked one of their friends what he was listening too and I said “probably one direction.”
And that, my friends, is how to get guys to talk to you. Insult their nation’s currently most popular band.
We started talking about travels and how it’s still fun to be under age here (they’re 19) and then they asked me a about good places to go in Toronto because it was their last stop. I said “dude, Canada is actually pretty big. I’m not from that side.”
“Oh. Well where are you from then?”
“You know where Vancouver is?”
“Um. Yeah it think so.”
“Okay well get on the trams Canada highway and drive 13 hours north west.”
And then one guy asked “have you heard of Banff? I’m supposed to go snowboarding there next year. I have a friend in Calgary.”
Then I got excited and told them “I’m moving to Calgary in like two and a half months! This is so cool!”

Anyway, all of that had absolutely nothing to do with why I actually started talking about the British guys. All I wanted to say was today we are hiking up to the Hollywood sign. That’s it. Short story long.
And probably tomorrow and everyday after, I will spend on Santa Monica beach 🙂
Good morning world!
All my love, Sarah.


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