Two Posts In One.

June 4, 2013. (I began this blog and then passed out from being so tired. So I’ll just continue it.)
A year ago, I never would have thought I’d be in LA. Yesterday, I never would have expected tonight in LA.
It began this morning when four British guys and I decided to hike up to the Hollywood sign. The hike was really nice, we got to know each other and laugh, and at the sign we were circled by an LAPD helicopter. The hike down was pretty good too and much easier. About 3 hours after leaving, we returned to the hostel and relaxed. The hike was fine for me, but apparently that the most exercise they had had in quite some time. It was fun though.

We all wanted to see Rodeo drive so we took a bus that way in the afternoon and wandered around Beverly Hills. On Rodeo drive we walked into the Prada store. Picture this though: the boys were dressed in casual wear, just shorts and t- shirts, and I was in my cowboy boots and a flowery sundress looking adorably country.
We stepped in and smiled at the security guards who surprisingly didn’t kick us out right there. As we were walking past the most expensive shelves of shoes I’ve ever seen the guys started speaking very posh English saying “perhaps we should call Father and have him send the Lamborghini. I’m bored of walking.” Upstairs, we stepped on super soft carpet and all shared a glance as we realized our shoes were probably not clean enough to step on it. I quickly inspected a picnic table cloth that was thrown over a mannequin and belted into an impossibly small waist. Prada wanted $1845 dollars for it. And it was a dress, not a table cloth. At that, we all quickly left the store and let out our breath in thankfulness we hadn’t broken anything.
After we were done gawking in the shop windows on Rodeo Drive, we wandered around the rest of Beverly Hills. There was a public bathroom that some famous person was arrested in and so the guys decided to go use it and take selfies on the toilets. I waited outside and just let them do what they had to do.
We were walking back along sunset boulevard, far past the strip, and we wanted to catch the bus. After waiting for 10 minutes and not seeing a single bus pass, we began walking to the next stop. Waited for five minutes and nervously speed walked to the next bus stop. Each of these were about a block apart and we all knew that eventually we would just start walking and the bus would pass. At the third one though we waited the extra two minutes and finally the bus came.
This is the exciting part. We went for dinner in a steakhouse across from The House Of Blues. Randomly, one if the guys just asked a passerby “hey are you Jimmy?!” And it was Jimmy from a YouTube channel I follow called Lifeaccordingtojimmy. Very funny and super cool. So I unashamedly fangirled and said “oh my gosh you’re so cool can I have a picture with you?” And he was all “yeah sure.”


The rest of the dinner was filled with good conversation, live country music, and the occasional bull ride in the pen next to us. Oh, and multiple “dude! We saw Jimmy Tatro!” Throughout the dinner.
We decided we were close enough to our hostel to walk the 30 minutes. The route led us past the directors guild where we saw cameras and suits and cars. “Let’s cross over and see what’s going on.” They said. So we did. And I went to the biggest security guy I saw and said sweetly “Pardon me, sir, what’s going on here?”
And he replied “Just a movie premier.” In a tone that clearly meant “move along.”
I turned back to my friends and said nonchalantly “you guys, it’s just a movie premier. Lets just go.”
Instead, we went to paparazzi. I knew they were paparazzi because they had detective hats and big cameras and all carried old carrier bags. And they look greasy as all heck. I asked them what the premier was for and one said it was for “The bling Ring.” I heard about it in England because it stars Emma Watson and she’s British so obviously they promote her. The guys and I stepped back and watched as the doors opened and the paparazzi move in a huddle towards the star. She looked super familiar but I didn’t recognize her. That’s because I am used to seeing Diana Agron with blond hair, not red.
It was such a fun day.

June 6,2013.
Santa Monica beach is a fifteen block walk to the bus stop and an hour bus ride away from where I am. But yesterday I was fed up with blinding myself every time I looked in a mirror, so I grabbed my sunscreen and a beach towel and went to Santa Monica. I really liked it there and after about an hour and a half on the beach and pier, I walked up to the Third Promenade. Bustling with tourists and Californians alike, there was a lot to see. After walking the streets and looping back, I intended to go catch a bus back. I really didn’t want to get caught out after dark even though I knew I was in a good area in Santa Monica and in west Hollywood. Unfortunately, I saw a tv screen in a sports bar and it was playing the pre game to the Bruins/ Penguins hockey game. It started at five and I figured I could be out of there around 8 at the latest. And I would have been too except it was tied 1-1 in the third period and then went into overtime. And I couldn’t leave with that suspense. But then it went into double overtime. So I really couldn’t leave.
Finally, just after 9, the bruins scored, people cheered, and I went and caught the 9:30 bus.
(Folks, this is an Exciting Adventure story. Read ahead at your own discretion and I know, be careful. I am.”
At 10:30 I got off the bus in my cowboy boots, cutoffs, and my t- shirt. I stopped for a second to switch the shoulder strap on my bag and just as I clipped it onto the side I was more comfortable with, I saw two figures get up from the bus stop in front of me. I had been contemplating going for a run and suddenly I thought I might do it right then. The figures were boys probably 15 or 16 and they started “talking” to me. Throwing out city boy lines. I threw the bag over my shoulder and without saying a word, I ran the fifteen blocks to my hostel. They didn’t chase me. I wasn’t scared. But it was a good adrenaline rush and even after five blocks when I knew they weren’t anywhere in sight, I just ran for the heck of it.
Mom and dad, I’m sorry you have to read that story. I know you’re worried about me here anyway. I promise, I won’t get stuck out that late again even if its the finals and LA is tied with Boston for the cup and its in fifth overtime.
I really love Los Angeles. There’s a speech I like to listen to and some of the advice is “live in Southern California once but leave before it makes you too soft.” I was laying on the beach and that came to mind; I thought “I probably should have left yesterday then.”
Maybe it reminds me of Barcelona, the mix of Spanish and English, the coast, the tourists. I think this was an awesome place to spend the end of my trip.
Today I’m going to people watch on Hollywood boulevard.
Good afternoon world!
All my love,Sarah.


2 thoughts on “Two Posts In One.

  1. Are you near/going to Disneyland? I’ve heard it’s the ‘Happiest place on earth’, and think people must have fairly sad everyday lives if this is true. I think your kitchen, yard, bathtub, (bookstore/library/quilt shop, nursery) should all trump Disney. Are you able to do any shopping? Obviously not Prada but your essentials must be in tatters by now! I know that there is no PST in Alberta but are basic clothes much cheaper in LA?

    • Hit 6flags today and I will maybe go surfing sometime in the next couple weeks. And I’ve done some shopping. They had a goodwill really close to my hostel so I managed to get a new outfit for under 15$. Not too bad I guess. šŸ™‚

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