I’m Such A Noob.

The lady at the reception desk is playing a Dixie Chicks album and so even though its kind of cloudy, it’s making me happy.
So I have an awkward embarrassing story but first it needs the back story. Yesterday, I was walking down Hollywood boulevard and I saw that there was something going on beside the Hard Rock Cafe, in front of the Dolby theatre. The red carpet was laid out and there were posters saying “lifetime achievement awards! Mel Brooks!” And there were some girls telling random people “hey, we need to fill some seats beside the red carpet. If you go over to the table beside the cafe thy will give you a green bracelet and you can get it. It’s totally free.” So I went over to check it out. And sure enough, I got a green bracelet and sat right next to the red carpet where some big directors and actors where supposed to be walking down. Basically, it was a lot of the people who had worked with Mel Brooks. I took pictures of him, Amy Poehler, Dick Van Patten, and a lot of the cast of “robin hood: men in tights”
It was really cool. Now I’ll pause this for a second so you can laugh at someone else’s awkwardness before we get to mine. Right behind me in the bleachers was a young black girl with her grandma and they were not from LA. The girl got on her phone and called her friend and in a southern twang she said “Girl! I don’t know what’s goin on. Like, gramma and me, we was just walkin down Hollywood an someone said we could come get free seats by the red carpet ad we was thinkin it was a scam but now I’m here and there’s like limos and celebrities. Girl, this is crazy! — no it’s something for a Mel Brooks guy. I don’t even know. But like, I think he died or somethin. And that sucks for him and all, but I mean, this is awesome for me!”
The guys I was sitting beside and I looked at each other and all started covering out laughter. Then as the stars walked out, Mel Brooks came and talked to the announcer in front of us and of course the announcer announced him “give it up for Mel Brooks!” And the grandmother behind me says “He’s alive! Well I’ll be! He ain’t dead!”

Now for my embarrassing moment. I got back to the hostel, went on Instagram and posted a picture of Mel Brooks that I had taken. Then, as casual as always, I hashtagged #melgibson. Then a friend wrote “uh, that’s not Mel Gibson.” And I was thinking “what? I was there! I know who it is! His picture is on the poster right behind him!” But just to be sure, I googled it. I searched “Mel Brooks.” And wouldn’t you know, it was the same guy. So I commented back something along the lines of “I’m pretty sure it is. It was at a tribute for him, all the people were from his movies, and the announcer called him Mel.”
A short while later, my cousin commented “are you serious? That’s that’s Mel Brooks! He won a lifetime achievement award! ;)”
Thinking she as backing me up, I wrote back “yeah girl! :D”
And then I finally clued in. Face palm. Face table. Throw self under rock where apparently I’ve been living. So. Bad word. Awkward.
What followed was an awkward attempt to fix that and explain that I really did know who he was, I just didn’t have the name right. But then I dropped it. Because really, there’s not much one can do to recover from something like that. Just gotta let it blow over.

So, that’s my e-true Hollywood story of public humiliation. The list just keeps growing. She is, in fact, as dumb as she looks, folks. But at least I can laugh at myself I guess.

Today I’m off to 6 flags with people I don’t really know. Even better, I keep calling it play land. So! Looks like I’m in a roll!
Good day world!
All my love, Sarah.


2 thoughts on “I’m Such A Noob.

  1. Love Mel Brooks!!! Husband of Anne Bancroft. 60 Minutes did a lovely story on him. Gotta love him ( once you see some of his comedy). A million times better than the other Mel.

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