I was so productive yesterday, to a point, before my productivity downward spiralled into a binge of chocolate, bagels, and olives. (It really was the weirdest collection of groceries I’ve ever bought hungry.)
But let not start with the end. Let’s instead rewind to 7 o’clock yesterday morning. My alarm was singing “Raise a Little Hell” and I didn’t shut it off because I was already awake and I like the song. Suddenly, I remembered why I had set my alarm for so early; I had a surfing lesson in an hour. So I jumped off the top bunk, raced to the bathroom, and was ready in 5 minutes. Practically skipping the mile to the beach, I was so excited to get in the water and try to stand on the surf board. With a quick overview of surfing etiquette and how-tos, and a warning to shuffle along the ocean floor as to not step on a sting ray, we were in the water and I was falling off the board like beginner.
It was so fun. I stood up twice; once when the wave actually had enough energy to still push me to the beach, and again after the wave had passed and I just stood in two feet of water. But I stood on the board. Now it’s just practice.

So, two hours after getting in the water, I began the trek back to the hostel. Quickly changing and throwing on make some make up, I went back to the Venice boardwalk and rented roller skates. When I returned them an hour and a half later, i had put another 5 miles under my feet so far that day.

I then walked back to Venice boardwalk and watched some very cool hip hop violinists. If you’ve heard of Lindsey Stirling, this was very similar but it was a guy with a black violin and a drummer with white buckets for a drum set. I sat and listened to their whole set and when they took a break I went to get some ice cream. Then I went back and listened to them play all the songs again.
This is kind of where my productivity gives into my sleepy/ hungry mode. I went back to the hostel and slept. Then I woke up and wanted… Something. I didn’t know what. But I knew it was food and I needed to walk. Shortly, I found a supermarket and I found the bakers section and got a bagel. I found the pudding section and grabbed some rice pudding. I found the pickle section, but they were too expensive so I got a can of olives. Equals- dinner. Even as I ate it I knew how weird the combination was but it was basically all my favourite foods so it was delicious.
I forgot to mention that I also wasted money on some chocolate. Honestly, I could have saved so much money on this trip if I’d avoided every chocolate or ice cream store.
In a week from today I will be sleeping in the LAX airport, checking in at 4 am Sunday morning, and flying to Denver at 6:50. From Denver I go to Edmonton. Three hours later I fly to Calgary, finally landing at 5:50. If there had been a cheap flight from Los Angeles to Calgary I would have had a two and a half hour flight.
Today I go back to the dingy hostel in the ghetto like ‘hood. They have free food which I will take full advantage of, and I have a couple friends there that I made before I left.
One week until my five months out of Canada ends. 4 weeks until my 10 months away from my hometown ends. 2013 had been an amazing year and its hardly half way through!
My plans this week are to not spend any more money and to just relax on the beach and maybe borrow a surf board and practice. It’s my last week of actually being a backpacker. That makes me a little sad. Suddenly, I’m not ready to go home.
Don’t worry California, I’ll be back.
Good morning, world!
All my love, Sarah.

3 thoughts on “CALI Life

  1. Gerry and I had a very good laugh and discussion as to when does a violist become a fiddler? Did you know I taught the son of one of the members of Trooper. They had a very cool home with lots of sound equipment in the kitchen. Raise a Little Hell was the third most popular Canadan song ever. Some construction crew planted their porta-pottie right on the boulevard. I intend to call City Hall and… know it!

      • Harry was the only one who did not play at the PNE reunion. He is the epitome of cool (and has retained his dignity!) said he had just got a cheque in the mail f
        or…I kid you not…$1.79 because of Raise a Little Hell

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