My Journaling Outlook.

I have been lounging at the beach today, reading a journal I began in January. There are some lines that I think sum up most of the journal. Here you go.

January 29: “instead of the plaza being empty, it’s swarming with people like flies on a dead moose.” (Zaragoza, Spain)

Feb 6: “I just walked up a thousand and ten stairs and finally at the top I remembered I forgot to put on deodorant today.” (Toledo, Spain)

Feb 13: “I am in a bar in Granada and I only came in because they serve hummus.” (Granada, Spain)

Feb 20: “there’s a guy smoking a joint and blasting 80’s love ballads. Can you say ‘bad break up’?” (Valencia, Spain)

March 3: “I just learned how to work the foot rest on the train! So cool!” (Between Valencia and Barcelona, Spain)

March 5: “I saw a group of deaf people yelling with their hands. It was truly the strangest, coolest thing.” (Dublin, Ireland)

March 14: “I must be getting tipsy. I can’t understand these Irish dudes at all.”
“You know what I don’t understand? The pope. Seriously, why does an old man in a dress get so much money and power?
I probably just got shunned by the entire Catholic Church for writing that.” (Rath Cabbin, Ireland)

March 16: “this morning I actually biked 40 km. Holy butt sweat!” (Rath Cabbin, Ireland)

April 1: “I think my favourite part about going to bed is breakfast in the morning.” (Inverkiething, Scotland)

April 2: “I am so annoyed at everyone today but I have chocolate and weird tasting cookies so ill be okay.” (Inverkeithig, Scotland)

April 7: “I have a tummy ache. But the chocolate was good.” (Inverkeithin, Scotland)

April 9: “I ate way to much pastry. But I don’t want to write about that. I want to write about the weird guy that would stop asking me out last night.”
“‘Im looking for a girlfriend’ he says. Like he’s looking for a babysitter or someone to fill in a job application. Yeah, good luck, buddy.” (Inverkiething, Scotland)

April 17: “it’s so windy I can barely stand. Not even kidding, at the top of the castle today I thought this little kid was gonna blow away.” (Edinburgh, Scotland)

April 18: “I’m gonna go do something. I don’t know what yet. But something.” (Inverkeithing, Scotland)

April 20: “I don’t know if I’m just happy to be out of Scotland or if Liverpool actually has a really good vibe.”
(Liverpool, England)

April 25: “he said ‘remember the first time I saw you? I maybe gave you a weird look but I just immediately knew we would be friends.’ The thing is, I noticed the weird look and didn’t know we would be friends. I just thought ‘why is the receptionist being creepy?'” (Nottingham, England)

May 3: “I don’t thing my boss likes me.”
(Aberaeron, Wales)

May 4: “we should all experience sleeping on a park bench once in our life, right?” (About Cardiff, Wales)

May 5: “my boss doesn’t not like me!!”
(Aberaeron, Wales.

May 13: ” dear Alix, at breakfast I was telling the Australian girl that I might be homeless in London and I hoped it would be nice weather because I might find myself sleeping in a tree. She looked at me like I was insane so I explained that I had a cage for my bag and could simply put it in a tree and lock it, then I could either sleep in the tree or in a bench; but I’d feel safer in the tree. She still thought I was crazy. I don’t know why. It sounds so adventurous.” (Cardiff, Wales)

May 29: “exhaustion + coffee+ grey skies = left eye twitch. I look like I’m awkwardly learning how to wink.”
“If it didn’t make me look like a total creep, I would sit and stare at the rain out the window for hours. It’s perfect when I’m tired like this because I just lose myself in my thoughts. I also look dead to the world and that’s not great publicity for coffee shops.” (London, England)

“Maybe I’ll put out a classified for a friend.”
“Um. We need to find what state specializes in crop circles because that’s all I see out my window right now.” (Flying to Los Angeles, USA)

June 2: “well! I’m off to slowly get more broke!” (West Hollywood, LA, USA)

June 7: “holy moly there was a super attractive photographer there. I mean he was attractive in a weird way but still. I think i took more pictures of him that I did of the actual celebrities.” (Hollywood boulevard, LA, USA)

June 9: “I saw him walk toward the bus stop and I was just like ‘please let me be on the same bus as him! Please please please!'” (West Hollywood, LA, USA)

June 11: ” I have my hair down and I’m wearing a baseball cap; I mean, I basically have a curtain around my face. DO YOU THINK I WANT TO BE BOTHERED? No!” (Inglewood, LA, USA)

June 12: “new hostel tomorrow. Please oh please let me meet cool people and make friends! And not get robbed. I really don’t want to get robbed.” (Inglewood, LA, USA)

June 14: “I left (the beach) after I realized all the life guards are over forty.”
“Twice today I heard a whistle and a ‘hey red!’ And I turned. Both times it was homeless men. And unfortunately they were calling to me.” (Venice beach, LA, USA)

June 16: “the real reason I traveled and picked Spain? It’s not because I love the language or the culture. Nope. I did it because in May 2012 I was drinking with people who seemed so cool because they all spoke three languages and had traveled and had life stories, so when it came my turn I told them ‘I’m saving up right now to go to Spain in January.’ And the next morning I decided it was time to hold myself accountable for my drunk white lies. So yeah, I traveled for five months alone because I got drunk with strangers.” (Truth)

So I hope you now have a fairly decent summary of what my trip has been like. Yes, sometimes I was drinking while I wrote. And yes, most of the time it was just what my brain sent to my hand.
Those are the appropriate quotes I thought would be least offensive. One day I’ll let people tea the unedited version and then we will see what happens.
Six days until I’m back in the motherland!
Good night, world! All my love, Sarah.


One thought on “My Journaling Outlook.

  1. So proud of you. Some, (not too many) of your stories got shared with kids in the transition house. They were between homes and in great emotional turmoil. I think you helped them on their way. Funny how that works, hmm? So, time to start shifting gears and visualizing. Please keep on sunscreening wherever you go! Love.

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