“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me. And I’m feeling…..good.” Also, tired, antsy, nostalgic, excited, bored, boring, and maybe a small touch of different, and disappointing.
My flights went off without a hitch and all was fine. I fell asleep five minutes after leaving the LA ground and I woke up after we had landed in Denver; I was awake the rest of the time. Hence, feeling tired. However, I seem to have just woken up from a 12 hour nap so I’m slowly starting to function again.

I’m antsy because no matter where I was or what I did, I moved and walked and went long distances. They don’t tell you you need a car in LA for no reason. Without a car, you walk. So my muscles are screaming at me to get up and run or stretch or swim. Anything but continue to lie here.

“Advice is a form of nostalgia that’s been through the garbage disposal and sorted through.” I will have advice for other backpackers and I will need advice from those more experienced. But until I go again (I don’t think I’ll stay here for long. Travel bug has bit me.) I will take my time to sort through my stories and dwell on the good times and homesick times.

Being in Calgary full of flood waters and the stampede supposedly happening in 8 days, there’s a lot to be excited about. The house I was supposed to live in for the next three weeks has been evacuated. The house I’m supposed to find and move into in August is probably flooded, and there may be a lot more people suddenly looking for work. But it’s brand new again and it’s awesome.

It’s also boring. I am bored because I know this place. I only hear one language. If I get lost I won’t be suspicious of everyone because I can read them. There’s no danger aspect to it. But then again, I can make it not boring. It’s about perspective.

I feel different. Mostly because I had to put on a bra instead of a bikini top for the first time in three weeks. That also reminds me that I miss the ocean. The same ocean that I used to be so petrified of, I’ve now swam and tried to surf in. I am tan for the first time in my life much to my aunt’s dismay.

And lastly, I feel maybe a little bit disappointing. I think my family is expecting me to come home and work my way up in some fabulous job and thus begin my career. And (I’m breaking this news here because I still dislike personal confrontation) that’s not what I’m going to do. I’m going to work two, if not three, jobs, pay rent, start two savings accounts, and I’ve I have time I will dance and hit the gym. I have two goals for the next year: prepare for tough mudder 2014 with my sister, and plan for the next drop off location. As in Ill buy a ticket to some location and go from there. Once again I won’t know when I come home, but I’ll have a better budget and ill know how I go through the lifestyle. That’s the only reason I might feel disappointing to others. But in the long run its how I fee, and I am far from disappointed in myself.

I will continue blogging and writing and trying to see my life through adventurous goggles. Just be aware that the next year will be a lot on Calgary and one location instead of bouncing around a different continent.

All my love, world.



One thought on “Skeeters.

  1. Love the ocean, multitude of languages……sounds familiar! If not our ocean maybe Rob’s new one. Israel and Greece have the Med…NO! Those countries require sunscreen beyond spf 30. (You’ll thank me when you don’t resemble a walnut by the time you’re 35.) Although Israel does have kibbutzim that you can work on, get paid an allowance and use as a home base to travel from. Now go make lots of money and remember that life happens when you’re busy making other plans!

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