The Loonie

Despite the late hour and early rise, insomnia rules. Therefore ill write this now since its been floating in my head for a few days.
Back in September, I left my little town with something random, maybe illegal, and special to me. It was a Loonie, a Canadian dollar coin, hanging on a small gold necklace. During the London Olympics a coin was made and was specially called the lucky Loonie. That gave me the idea to use it sort of as a good luck charm to myself and because it was original and unique to me. I never really knew why I wanted it or how I could explain it, but since the first time I put that chain over my head, I’ve discovered many reasons of why it is special to me and what it symbolizes to me.


Please notice the still tan arm :p
I wore the necklace during my entire trip, only taking it off to go for long runs or swimming in oceans with bigger waves. Here are some of the reasons I’ve kept it on.
When I feel like I have nothing to offer, with this around my neck, I’m still worth something.
I may blend in with all the other coins but I’m always have my own stories.
I always have something to hold onto.
If I’m ever traveling and need something, this could maybe barter my way into food and water and a camel therefore avoiding starvation and dying in the middle of the desert.
Ill never be a dollar short.
I blend in with the rebel country girls and also with the big rappers. Yeah I got a gold chain round my neck! What!
Last but not least, hostellers heard my stories and often called me the crazy Canadian. This necklace reminds me to stay a little Loonie 🙂
Okay, with that out of my system I am back off to sleep. Unfortunately I have a cold. So I continue sneezing myself awake. As adorable as that sounds, i promise you, it’s only cute on babies and little lambs.
Buenos noches, world!
All my love, Sarah.

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