Deja Vu

As bittersweet memories toss around in my mind, I slowly drink my black Tim Hortons coffee. I’m listening to my friends talk about boyfriends and relationships, summer and upcoming farewells, and I realize we’ve done it all before. We’re now a little older, a little more mature, and all of our lives have had life changing moments. Somehow we’ve managed to hold on to a little bit of our youth as we rocketed to adulthood.
This town hasn’t changed much. The main street is still quietly busy; coffee drinkers congregate around the cafe that looks to the mountain. It’s exactly how I remember it, give or take a couple new plants and buildings. But does the town remember me?
A water trip into the gas station lets me know that it does. The gas station attendant is an older lady who’s been there for years.
“Hello! Where have you been been? I haven’t seen you in a while!” She says.
“Ten months.” I reply with a smile. Some small talk about Spain and Vancouver follow and I go. And now my over thinking mind wonders: if the gas jockey remembers me after ten months, maybe my travel friends haven’t forgotten me as much I feel like they have.

I wrote something in my journal while traveling. I signed off with “I want to go home. Home is where the heart is. But I don’t know where my heart is.”
Looking back, I left it scattered across the EU, like a souvenir for the countries. So they can say “look! I got this when Sarah visited me! Oh the stories I have from that week.”

Today I’m hungover and happy. We threw a celebrate Elena bash last night in honour of my awesome sister and the amazing things she’s done. She deserved recognition for them and she wasn’t getting it, so we planned this a while back. The group was a mash up of all our friends and I was surprised how everyone got along. Now my friend and I are supposedly going to the lake where I’m sure I will be klutzy and fall off the raft and fall into the water with a big splash.
Summer is good right now. We are all broke, busy, and still making plans.
It’s so good to be home.
Good afternoon sunny world! I miss you!
All my love, Sarah



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