Inspire Me.

I would just like to say that this is the first post written on an ACTUAL COMPUTER since… Madrid? I’m pretty sure. Yes, every typo and oddly phrased sentence of the last 50 posts is to be 90% blamed on the fact that I wrote them on the screen of an iphone4S. 

Good Times. 

A couple weeks ago, right after I was home, I went and house sat with a friend. And by house sat I mean I sat and drank her beer in exchange for helping her clean up the house. That was the night we hugged and then stayed up until 6:30 a.m. talking and catching up. It was that night that she introduced me to a song, “Thin Line”  by HoneyHoney. Of course, being drunk at three in the morning I decided to myself “Sarah, you really like this song. You should probably just buy the entire album from itunes right now.” 
It is maybe one of the best drunk decisions I’ve ever made. The only downside is that now I want to play all the songs on guitar and people who actually play guitar haven’t yet tabbed the new album. I will wait. 

Kispiox music festival was held over the weekend. Four years ago, three young, naive, wide eyed little women went to the festival for the first time. Firsts included first time getting drunk, first time dancing with a boy, first kisses under the stars. The three little women drove home that Sunday in much stunned silence as their young minds processed the events of the weekend. Unsure of whether they should be sad or if they were allowed to be happy they agreed to “Whatever happens in Kispiox, stays in Kispiox.” And it has been that way ever since. The next summer was the first of them being apart as the writer of the group went to work in Vancouver; each little woman had her own adventures that summer. A year ago, the three older little women went again; tradition called even though it was hardly a tradition yet. They danced and drank and kissed and laughed; it was as if they were in their own indie movie scored with country and folk music. The memories of those forgotten nights were special because it was the last summer. The writer left again, this time for Spain. The sister went to Calgary to see something different and pursue dreams she wasn’t entirely sure of. The youngest became the oldest as she was left to carry on the craziness in the town they had been raised in. Months passed; it felt like years vanished, but the wait was worth it and this summer became theirs. Broke and trying to pay rent, stressed and trying to pay tuition, and lost and embracing the wanderlust perspective. The three little women danced in the cool summer night, each wondering in her own worried thoughts, and they cheers-ed to the memories, the happenings, and the possibilities.
Staying true to their promise, what happened in Kispiox stays in Kispiox. Yet we all hold dear to those last fleeting moments of togetherness before we jump into the unknown all over again. Those little women are gone. We are an artist and a musician and a backpacker. At least for now.

Can you tell I’ve watched The Breakfast Club maybe one to many times? Quite the sentimental exit of that paragraph. Do I mind? not at all. So I hope you, dear reader, don’t mind either.  
In a month my brave little sister who hates airports and traveling anything outside of first class is embarking on a crazy adventure to Boston. Berkley Music School calls her. In ten days I will take a pick-up truck, a horse-trailer, and my friend to Calgary where we are hoping to find a place to live and work. first roomate, first university, first adventure in a different city for a permanent year. 


Things are changing so fast but thankfully I have my friends, my music, and my writing. I’ll continue to dream and drift and I’m excited to see what it all holds. As for now, the sun is shining in my little hometown and I am off to enjoy it. Happy sunshiney day, wonderful world! 

All my love, Sarah. 



One thought on “Inspire Me.

  1. Dreaming, drifting, drinking, drooling, driving….one of these does not belong!…..too lazy to look in the dictionary for more.

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