So, This Is Happening.

I got a job. 

I thought I would get it but I didn’t want to be naive and hopeful so I talked myself into being worried, but I guess my experience spoke for itself and now I’m just waiting for the manager to call me. It is again with the same company I’ve always been with. I’m afraid I really cant get away. I’m going to be a lifer there. Waitressing is something I like to do though so I am thankful I got the job. 

But that’s not all. 

I got a house. 

Well, the basement part of a house. Its adorable and small but perfect for two friends who are so not suitable for an apartment. I’ll hopefully post some pictures when I get it in a few weeks. I told the landlady that I would pay out the guys in there. If they leave a couple weeks early in exchange for us paying back their two weeks of rent, we could get the place earlier. As much as I love bumming off my baby sister…. She leaves for her own adventures in a short time and I really hate imposing on her. However, I never thought her and I would live so amicably together. We have gone on runs and watched movies and just hung out like friends do sometimes. Its great. 

I’m also learning to city drive. Its a little tougher than it should be because I’m driving a little truck with a big Harley on the back and thats kind of a lot of weight to start when I’m sitting on a hill waiting for a light. The last three times I drove I didn’t use the GPS or the MAP and simply went in the general direction of my destination. I’ve learned which streets are one ways and which are main roads and what ones are one-way-main-roads-over-the-bridge-onto-the-freeway. And mostly, I haven’t hit anything or anyone yet. Lets hope I can keep that. (I somehow attract inanimate objects into my driving zone and then we bump and I get all the blame. Like, come on. It wasn’t there two seconds ago.) 

I  am so looking forward to moving into our new place. Partly because it means I’ll get my little trinkets back and I can go to ikea to buy MY bed. My very OWN bed. One that hundreds  of other broke people haven’t slept in and one that isnt handed down from older siblings who graciously left it behind. MY Very Own Bed. And I can get a dresser! I’ll have drawers to put my socks and underwear in and no longer will I have to dig through the front pockets of my backpack to find the exact pair I want. I can just swish open the drawer and see them in their own little place. Also, the apartment has a little bookshelf in the main room with lights in the shelf that turn on. I’m going to keep most of my books in my room with me (my very own room!) but a few of my travel books I will put there for conversation starters. 

Speaking of travel books, I bought two back home and then packed them in my book trunk and now I really want them back. SO today I went to chapters and found the ones I want and then came back here to see if had them cheaper. They don’t. Tomorrow I will go back and stand in Chapters and debate with myself for hours about whether or not I actually need both the Jordon travel guide and the Middle East guide or if I should wait until next year when they make a new version. BUT I JUST WANT TO READ AND PLAN!!!!! I need to find a used book store and find some super old travel guides and then go from those. That could be fun. Some guy wrote a book about traveling with a 50 year old travel guide. It was one of the books I bought and packed away. 

Anyway, I’m off to beddypie. And by that I mean sitting and scrolling through instagram and Whisper for a few hours. Goodnight, world! 

All my love, 



2 thoughts on “So, This Is Happening.

  1. Best blog ever. My second hand bookstore said there is much demand for, but little supply of current travel books. So don’t dither too long over buying the books. Hopefully you’ll eventually find a local little bookstore that craves your attention. Sweet dreams.

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