No. This post is not about the sunburn I get when I fall asleep on my stomach at the beach for 3 hours. Its also not about rusty old trucks or Roy Rogers’ Sidekick’s (Pat) Car which, if I remember correctly, was affectionately called Old Nelly. Or Bessy. But I think Bessy was a cow in Laura Ingalls. Actually, no, that cow was Nelly because it was mean and reminded Laura of little mean Nelly Mcguire. Its not McGuire. I’m thinking of Lizzy McGuire who was played by Hillary Duff who has a super cute toddler boy and always tweets photos of him. 


This is what I mean with backfire. I try to start writing, so I go to a playlist that depicts the mood I want to convey. Today was Christina Grimmie’s ‘With Love’ Album. I’ve followed her on youtube for about 3 years and then I jumped with joy when she was found by Selena Gomez and then today I got her album which I totally don’t have money for but whatever. She was a broke artist too. We support each other. But seriously, the girl can sing.


I completely forget why I started this post. Oh, wait. Right! Okay, so I started my playlist in an attempt to write a fun, sassy, lil thing and the reason its backfired is because I just want to get up and dance. Three reasons why I won’t. 
1. I’m in Starbucks.  
2. I’m actually trying to complete my ProServe so I can legally serve alcohol. 
3. I went for a 6.45 km run this morning in 33 minutes and now sitting up to get my tea feels like the one thousandth crunch. 

Obviously, I pick really bad study music. Actually, I purposely did that. I really don’t want to study. Look how awesome I am! I can subconsciously procrastinate! That right there is a skill that some people pay thousands of dollars  and spend 2 to 7 years to learn in college. What can I say? I have natural talents. Procrastinating and getting in the way. Those are my Fortes.

Last night I started work. I didn’t particularly want to work here again; this is 6 and a half years since I started with the company and I’ve worked 5 and a half of those years part or full time. But I have to say, the work environment is amazing. Last night I was introduced to the rest of the staff (what does it say about me if I was about to refer to them as ‘the rest of the cast’) and immediately I knew I was glad to be back. There was no awkward tension. I connected with the other new girl -I relieved her of her ‘new girl’ status; I was comfortable with the sarcasm and flirting that surrounds the service industry and gave it right back to them; and I accepted a ride home from a coworker I hadn’t realized had noticed me. It was so great. I guess everyone is kind of from around the area so they have either worked together before or went to school, either way, I was breaking into a close knit group and I really respect that. I was me again. It was knew but familiar and that is Sarah’s Ideal Life. Travel, Writing, Serving, Dancing, Running. They all require some sort of schedule and practice but in doing these things no day will ever be the same. 

Alright, I’m going to try and finish my ProServe. Thanks for hanging in here with me. I promise one of these days I’ll actually write a good piece. Any suggestions? Stories, creative writing, a topic. A rant? I guess most of these are rants maybe…. 

Good aftermornoon, World! (its technically 11 a.m. but I’ve been up since early and it feels like lunch.) 
All my Love, Sarah


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