Today I slept in. It was a glorious sleep in and when I did finally get up it was slow and easy. I spent my late morning and early afternoon helping a friend with studying before getting called into work. They needed a closer and I said I’d take it. So I bounded back to my sisters place, showered, put my make up on, and made myself pretty.
“Can I take one set of keys?” I asked. “I’ll be home 11 or 12 I think.”
“Yeah” she told me. “That’s totally fine.”
After a decent shift, I finally caught a c-train to my temporary home. I speed walked the block, tapped my toe in the elevator, and was so excited for bed. Then, I got to my sisters apartment. The key slipped in the lock. The lock turned. I pushed on the door. It didn’t give. A couple more jiggles told me that they had locked the deadbolt. The keys were useless. I slumped to the floor holding back petty tears and began texting. And texting. And calling. I called both her and her boyfriend and the home number. I could hear the phone ringing. No answer. Both had been complaining that they couldn’t sleep and so I felt really bad trying to wake them of their first relaxing sleep in a while. And so after 15 minutes of the texting and calling and attempted telecommunicating, I stayed on the floor and got comfy.

I know I used past tense. But it was only fifteen minutes ago. Here I sit on the 19th floor outside my sisters apartment door. I think this is my bed for the night.
I have a big event to serve tomorrow night and was looking forward to getting a good rest tonight. But on the other hand, I’m really glad they’re sleeping soundly.

Okay, maybe not really glad. But I am somewhat happy for them.
Goodnight dear world. Appreciate your beds and undeadlocked doors for me.
All my love,


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