Wonder Woman

She is not well known. She isn’t a superhero. She’s amazing to some who know her and known to few. But still, she is Wonder Woman, always pondering the options, thinking about the past, contemplating the future. On this night, as she sits on the wall, high above her city in the early hours of near silence, she wonders.
She wonders why she waited. Why she expected anything different than the usual let down of her so called heroes. She wonders if he knows what time it is and what time he told her he would call. Does he feel anything? Guilt? Annoyance? Or perhaps he is entertained, thinking “She thinks she’s fine on her own, yet there she sits, waiting for me. Ha. Ha.”
Wonder Woman sits on the wall and for a moment a determined look passes her face. The superheroes want to save her. And she doesn’t need saving. She’s perfectly fine working on her own, if anything, she would consider a partner in anti-crime.
He can stay in the city streets while she flies above silently.

Her stubborn chin falls for a moment as she wonders when, if, anyone will ever wonder about her. Who will wonder about her shadowed eyes, her guarded yet carefree smile, her carefully chosen words? Who will want to learn her enough to discover that despite appearing to have it all together, sometimes she could use a hero? Who will discover that because she is chaotically imperfect, she is strong, smart, and charming? And when will he arrive?
If only she could use her superpowers to see the future. In the meantime, she continues with her life, helping where its needed and remembering her fellow Wonder Women. They have have done it this long; she’s not about to throw in the towel now. Giving a self assured nod, she jumps off the wall and begins focusing on others again. Pep talks and coffee are really all she needs to keep going.
After all, she’s Wonder Woman.

*For my Wonder Women, including, but not limited too: Mom, Anita, both grandmothers, and my sisters.*


Wonder Woman

6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman

  1. Arlene is also very much a Wonder/Warrior Woman. So claim your tiara, cape or wooly socks and welcome to the club of strong females. We used to be called feminists but Wonder Women can work, too. One more sleep till you get the keys to your own abode? So glad you’ll have a predictable place to rest your head and call ‘home’

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