The utensils are in the drawer, random supplies of food fill the fridge, towels are on the shelves in the bathroom. Yes, I do believe that I am nearly moved in. A’s mom brought all our things down on Monday and we made quick work of unloading and setting up. I have my clothes on some racks in the closet, my guitar, and book filled-shelf fill one wall, and my yoga mat plus 4 blankets plus a quilt from my aunt form my bed in the corner. My next purchase will be a throw rug and eventually a little bed. Maybe even a dresser one day! 
Yesterday, I went to staples and bought a huge poster board. After work , during which I couldn’t wait to get home into my arts and crafts, I took my maps, extra postcards, tickets, bracelets, and all the other little things I collected in my 5 and a half months abroad. The ripping and shredding and humming and hawing began but I got a good base down and was very happy to get those papers out of the way. Today I have spent the last two hours going through all 600+ photos I took and also some that my travel friends took of us and I sorted the ones I wanted to print. Now I have to go print them. 

Once I finish my decorating I will be sure to post some photos. Until then, know that I’m doing just fine and I finally have my house. I have yet to meet the upstairs tenants though. 

Stay busy, world! 

All my love, Sarah. 

One thought on “Moved

  1. Like Little House in the Big Woods / Little House on the Prairie. Pretty sure they didn’t sleep on a yoga mat though. I would still prefer my top bunk bed to that! Maybe just a mattress till you can afford the bed frame? I’m going to SO appreciate my bed tonight!

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