Welcome To The bachelorette Pad

After a busy, busy week of moving and getting settled, working and finding a second job, and figuring what else we need for our place, I am finally finding some time to sit down and let you all know I’m alright.
This time, I have pictures.
Introducing, my room.



My bed is a yoga mat with four thick blankets and my quilt from my aunt. It’s comfortable and it’s mine. (I am buying a bed. It’s just not that high in my priorities list.)
Moving down the three foot hall, this is our bathroom.
“No, we’re totally not girly girls. Our house is gonna look like a guys house probably.” Then we unloaded all the shampoos and makeup and towels and decided maybe it is a girls house after all.


Now let me show you our living room/dining room/ kitchen complete with a tv, a random collection of furniture, and a dinner of basmati rice and wok steamed veggies simmering on the stove.



And that random shelf in every girl’s home that collects everything without a real place or even reason for being on the premises? Oh yeah, we got that too.


Yes. Yes, that’s a cow skull wearing a toque next to a flowered piggy bank.

It’s nearly home. We have a couple of barstool to get so we can eat at the counter, and a rug and small couch will soon decorate the living room. Yesterday, I made cookies and tea. Something about baking in my own home with my own ingredients made me very content. I got a second job conveniently half a block away; soon Ill work full time there on nights and then part time doing opens at my other job.

I’ve managed to meet people and make friends and even memorized my route home from work! I have gotten myself in some strange situations but nothing much weirder than travel stories.
Have a gorgeous day, world.
All my love, Sarah.


One thought on “Welcome To The bachelorette Pad

  1. Pretty wonderful in just one week! A rug, couch, lamp and coffee table will give you that cozy corner to snuggle up in. Do they have many places like the Salvation Army 2 nd hand stores? Love your cards on the door. Becoming Home.

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