Ways We Are Proving “Don’t Live With Your Best Friend” Blogs Wrong.

1. We talk. If there’re dishes that need to get done, before we leave we will make note and tell each other “Hey so I’ll be home way late tonight. The dishes need to get done though if you have time.” And then suddenly we have a dish washer and things are done. 

2. We made sure we have similar decoration interests. A week before we moved, I received a text from A. It was a picture of a cow skull in tall grass with the caption “DO we want to bring this with us?” I replied “….yes?” to which I got a call where she said “It was only a half joke. Lets bring it with us.” Now we drink out of mason jars and have a camo shower curtain that we bought together. 

3. We don’t take things personally. If I’m grumpy, I vent. Then I ask how she is. And she vents. Then we go crazy making our lunches for the next day and being super silly and laughing. Unless we use the words “You do this and it bugs me.” or “you have this really annoying habit that needs to change.” we understand that we are both busy, pulling long days, and we are going to unload on each other occasionally. So we just chill and don’t take it personally. 


Since it is roommate season again, My blog feed filled with various posts warning me to not move in with my best friend because we would drive each crazy and find annoying things about each other. I didn’t like those posts because I felt like they just grouped every young woman and her friends into the same bunch, when, apparently, A and I are from a different bunch. A month in small living quarters, paying bills, splitting groceries, and we’re doing alright. Speaking for myself, no new annoying habits have been noticed, and I’d already accepted the others so obviously it was okay. 
I was a little scared at first. I’ve known her for two years, we connected really quick and then I left and didn’t see her for ten months. Then we decided to move in together. Both of us are really happy with the way things are going and we both keep so busy that when we are actually home at the same time, its nice to hang out and chat and catch up over tea. 

Speaking of being busy, I have a second job and I booked thursdays off both places so I can sleep in and bake. True Story. Last week was cookies. This week I’m making chilli for our freezer. Eventually chicken soup will follow. I love my little kitchen. 

Sleep well, twirling world! 
All My love, Sarah

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