Scapulas, City Driving, And Other Tear-Inducing Words

If you could see the the position I am in right now, you would likely think “Why?”. Well, let me explain. My flatmate is a first year kinesiology student and therefore takes activity classes. Those class instructors required her to have an expensive muscle roller thingamajig. I’m using it as a pillow as I lie on my back on the floor writing this now. 

A is studying. This means she is teaching me what she needs to know, which is a lot of big words that doctors use to talk about our bones. Here we are, just amicably chatting about femurs, inter-condial fossa, and scapulas. My brain kinda hurts but I feel like its more from being sick than it is from learning big words. Maybe a bit of both. It is fascinating but at the same time I’m just like “Who talks like this?!?”…. Ooh, now we’re learning about my Patella. In Average IQ speak, that means kneecap. Oh, and by the way, mom, I always thought “phalangies” was Ugaslavian slang, much like “Policiesabotugie.” Now I know its an actual medical term. So, that’s cool. 

Like I mentioned above, I am sick. Both A and I got pretty stupid colds because of working so much and stressing about life in general. Vitamin C has been tossed down our gullets like beer in a hockey fan, but it was to no avail. It’s not stopping us in our ever productive lives though. mostly, it just became a huge inconvenience. Our main reason for wanting to get better is because we have plans to scream our vocal chords out at Jason Aldean’s concERT IN ONLY NINEDAYSOHMYGOSHI’MGONNACRYFROMEXCITMENTAAHH! The man who’s songs got me through so much stress and happy memories in Europe is going to be singing right in front of me; only about 300 people will separate us but, you know. Minor details. 

Tonight, my favourite Canucks take to the ice and I am hoping they play a better game than they did Tuesday. It a little sad that I go to cheer for Vancouver before I remember that I’m in Calgary…
Before that starts, I’m going to write some emails to long lost friends in England, Scotland, and wherever else they are checking their emails. 
Have a cozy evening, world. 
All my love, 


One thought on “Scapulas, City Driving, And Other Tear-Inducing Words

  1. As you get older these bones ache, your kids break theirs and these terms show up on tv shows such as Bones and in any novel by Kathy Reichs. You are further kick starting your life long learning quest. Now I have to google the ‘intra….?’ Get well soon.

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