The Night We Became Old.

This story begins on August 8th, 2013. A and I were in her truck cruising down the highway somewhere between NorthWestern, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta. The 15 hour drive was bound to hold a variety of conversation topics and, as we listen to country music 90% of the time, the potential concerts were discussed. After gushing about which stars we would do anything to see, A said “If Jason Aldean ever gets around to Calgary, we absolutely must go. He has got me through so much and is pretty much my country music idol.” I agreed and eventually the conversation drifted into other interest. 
Fast forward to two and a half weeks ago when we were pre-drinking with some friends before a night on the town. One girl ( who seems to always be in the know of expensive concerts and trends) casually said “Jason Aldean is performing in a couple weeks I think.” A and I nearly died right there out of excitement. The next morning, I walked into her bedroom to flop on her air mattress which my hungover body thought was more comfortable than my yoga mat. 
“We need to get beds” A said. 
“We need to get Jason Aldean tickets. “I replied. And thus the search was on, visas were passed around, and then two tickets to see Thomas Rhett, Jake Owen, and Jason Aldean from Section 120, row 4, were proudly displayed on our fridge. 

October 5th blew up to our door amidst crunchy leaves and single digit temperatures. A woke up in an excited mood, dancing around the kitchen and singing the songs we were going to lose our voices to in 8 hours. I woke up in a foul mood despising anyone who dared to think of uttering a friendly hello to me. So, I left A and her jolly mood to go run and change my attitude on, well, life in general. 
We spent the late part of the morning at the mall finding new outfits to wear to see our heroes. With only four hours until go time, we dressed to the nines like only country girls can and realized that despite taking an hour to curl my hair, we still only take an hour and a half to clean up well. 
Random shots of Crown were poured and drank, the cans of alcohol in our fridge had somehow disappeared, and it was only 4:30. Anxiously, we went for dinner which we couldn’t eat much of, and then we strutted our stuff pass the firemen who were cleaning their trucks on our way to the bus stop. The concert started at 7:30. We arrived at 5:30 and wandered in circles around the Saddledome trying to find our way to our seats. The cowboys that were there were looking good. The ratio of Single cowboys to Unattainable cowboys was not looking good. However, we respectably admired from afar. 

Finally, Thomas Rhett came out and opened with a song I’ve heard maybe once before. I jumped and sang words until I picked it up, and the show had begun. Despite his flaws (looking like band member from One Direction with a beard) the boy could sing incredibly well and he did his job of hyping up the crowd. His show was followed by the most attractive surfing country artist going by the name of Jake Owen. I went crazy. Probably crazier than I should have for an opener. I couldn’t help myself! If I stared at him on the stage, he was right there and his awesomeness was just vibrating through the 50 people between us. If I looked at the close up of his face on the big screens HE WAS RIGHT THERE AND OHMIGOSHHISBEAUTY. oh, and his voice. 
Like I said, I may have gone a little crazier than any of us expected. 
At this point, it was 8:45, my vocal chords were trashed, and the drunk girl beside me was trying to club dance up while pointing out hot guys. In other words, she was falling. 
9 pm hit, lights went down, big screens and band members came up, and the silhouette of Jason Aldean appeared on the back curtain. The sold out show screamed and sang along to “Crazy Town” and continued screaming so he couldn’t even be heard for a moment after. During “The Truth”, lights went down and the Saddledome lit up with cell phones and lighters  blinking on like fireflies and lightning bugs slowly being woken. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, and for a minute I forgot that the real show was in front of me. This continued until 11 and then we threw ourselves into the crowds trying to avoid the crush. Naturally, we were the crush. 

A and I got to Cowboys, the casino and club next to the venue, and quickly we realized we were far to sober for the crowd and we were not drunk enough to stand in line for 45 minutes. Semi-awkwardly, we tossed the idea of just going home back and forth. 
As we caught a cab and arrived back home no later than 12:20 on a saturday night, I admitted to myself we had basically just given away our Crazy Kids cards. 18 and 20 years of age and we returned home before 1 am on a saturday night in the city. 
Heres to people who have jobs and school and varsity athletics to focus on. 
I can’t complain though. Those concert tickets were so worth finding out I party like a 29 year old. Although, I still need a bed. 

All my Love, 


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