Life Goes Up This Fall

October has been a busy, busy two weeks so far. I finally upgraded my yoga mat for a futon and with that came a giant box. The box sat out on our lawn until A walked out one morning and said “oh! A boat!” And climbed in. Naturally, I joined her and we sat sailing in a cardboard box on a grey sea of cement. After chatting for a while, we accidentally got a hole on the one side and took on water. Thus was the end of the boat.

Friday night, I took a Spanish chap named Daniel, and a German girl named Mona to Cowboys. Cowboys is the country/ top 40 bar that I weekendly tend to occupy. Since the German and spaniard hadn’t heard much country, I thought I would show them a bit of my world. As I attempted to show a few steps to “Cotten eyed Joe” and old Travis Tritt songs, my foreign friends laughed at the stereotype I was proving to be.

Saturday is a blur and I think I just slept and went to work. Then went out again. On Sunday A and I hosted a turkey dinner which just means we had a random group of stragglers over and we all day drank while preparing expensive poultry and calling various family members for last minute recipes. By 8 pm we had a fire in the back yard, a guitar in my lap, and some horribly hilarious renditions of Johnny cash music.

There’s a post card in our fridge that says “the years have been good to us. The weekends are another story.”
This weekend was a great other story.
I am tired and peacefully enjoying a turkey induced food-coma.

Happy Canadian thanksgiving, world.
All my love,


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