You’re My Favourite Song.

Welcome to Week 7 in the Goddard-Hassell Bachelorette Pad. I would love to recap the exciting adventures for you but I’m not sure where they went. With the long weekend at an end, I went back to my usual work week of double shifts and untexted phone.
Thursday actually brought some accomplishment into my life. I went to the Registration place and handed over my decent photo on my BC drivers licence for the opportunity to have a awful photo taken for an Albertan license. I also got to show how much Spanish I don’t remember as I flirted with the guy on the other side of the counter. I responded to a question with “Si” and that spurred him to ask question en Espanol and I could only answer in my broken awkwardness. Following that fun 30 minutes, I went home and made Turkey Vegetable soup. It was awesome and my fridge finally cleared out a little bit. That night, one of my friends came over for a girls night; we drank wine and ate popcorn and bonded for 3 hours over Gilmore Girls.

On Friday there was a tattoo convention being held downtown so A and I went to inspect some art and get ideas. I really wanted to go dancing afterwards, but A was in some killer heels and I knew she would be miserable in them. However, there was a solution: get her drunk. So I volunteered to drive and then, with the help of some new friends, proceeded to get her un-sobered. She went to dance with her new friends and I continued dancing like a crazy person from the 80’s with a guy who was doing the same. Usually my crazy dance is my attempt to scare the weirdoes away because I like to dance by myself. This time though, he just kept dancing the same way I was. It was practically 3 hours of dancing footloose, give or take a couple old school country songs where we line danced or I showed him how to two step. I had a ton of fun. That night I also learned how sad my walking skills are. I was outside talking to security and chatting about how I saw him there everytime I was there. The security guard than says to my American friend “She’s here a lot.” (not really though….) and then continues with “Actually, I haven’t seen you sober yet. This is a first for us. Usually we are really close to kicking you out.” That’s when I had to inform him that I unfortunately missed out completely on the gracefulness and coordination genes when it came to walking in general.
“If I were to walk back inside right now, I guarantee you would think I’m drunk because I would probably bump into that chair, narrowly miss those tables, and then turn suddenly into that wall right beside the bar. Add alcohol and it doesn’t improve. I never get super drunk here!” Security didn’t really believe me, and I the American just laughed a lot, saying he came on the wrong night.

I figure I just have to be the designated driver a little more often so I can show them I’m not an alcoholic there. Or I could prove them right. I’ve never been kicked out of a club. It could be fun.
I also decided I want to run a marathon in June. So I ran 10 km yesterday and then slept like a baby after work. I think I can do it. I have a lot of time so training started yesterday and I will just giver till race day.

As for today, I took a walk and now I need to go get ready for work. Stay cheerful, world!
All my love,


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