I Love It ( I Don’t Care)

Maybe I got it from my dad, maybe from my mom; no matter who, it’s a trait I share with my siblings. I like to be busy. Usually I like to have a few different things going on at once so I can feel like I’m accomplishing a lot. Lately, it has been serving. On Monday morning, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. And drove A to her morning workout. By 6:15 I was back home and stretching for the 10km run I needed to get through. At 7:15 I was in the shower and mentally running through my day ahead. From 10 until 4:30 I worked about 15 minutes from home, happy as can be for a Monday. At four thirty, my coworker clocked in, I transferred my tables to her, and I zoomed home to change and walk 30 seconds to my other job where I stayed from 5 until 11.

Once home, I set my alarms for five thirty again so I could run. I slept till 8:30 instead and came straight to work. As I began opening the restaurant, the lounge opener called and said she would be about 20 minutes late. No worries, the bar isn’t hard to open. I tried to call the office and let the manager know, but I got no response. I thought nothing of it until 10:40 when someone called for a manager and there was still no one in the office. Quickly, I searched the schedule and found that the bar opener was also supposed to do morning cash. She flew in and went straight upstairs while I jump started her open. Some how, some weird way, we did 2 hours of work in 20 minutes. Of course that was the day that three people walked through the doors exactly at 11 o’clock.
I stayed steady until 3, then another server came and took my previous tables, I went home, changed, ate, and got to my second job where I stayed again until 11. Since I’d drank 5 cups of coffee on my night shift alone, I had the energy to run. So, I threw on some thermals and shoes and ran barely 3 kilometers for a midnight run past a graveyard and some abandoned bus stops.
By 12:30 I was back home and showered and in bed. At 5:30 this morning, A was knocking on my door telling me she had to leave in 10 minutes. Without many options, I jumped up, brushed my hair, threw a little make up on, and put on my clothes that basically say “I’m a hot mess but let’s focus on the hot part and ignore the mess. I don’t care.”

This morning is my turn to do cash. So here I sit outside work, not even 7:30 yet, and I will sit in an office and try to figure out computers and money for 2 hours before opening the restaurant and drinking coffee until 3. That will tell me it’s time to go home where, once again, I will change, and go to work again for 5 until probably 10 or 11 again.
Tomorrow is Thursday. Thursday means day off. Big plans include getting a hair cut, running, and cleaning my house. Maybe taking a nap or two.

I’m young, I’m burning the rope at both ends, and I love it. I have a system that requires far more caffeine than any 20 year old would drink but hey, if mom could do it, I can do it.
Cheers from my large Tim Hortons coffee cup.
All my love, world.

One thought on “I Love It ( I Don’t Care)

  1. We decided that Grandma’s motto is “I like to keep busy”. Apple, tree! Although my inner feminist says ‘Go be Wonder Woman and run whenever and wherever your heart pleases’ the REALLY smart inner feminist says do a risk analysis when choosing your route! Take care of yourself in so many ways!! Love,

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