A Sunday To Top Them All.

What. A. Day. 
Two weeks ago, A and I were invited the the baptism of the baby boy of our upstairs neighbours. I don’t recall if I have talked about them before, but they are originally from Nigeria and then the UK. I pronounce her name as Aya and her boys are Eddy (3) and Ethan (4 months) and are officially the cutest, giggliest babies ever. Anyway, today was the baptism and I agreed for A and I to attend the ceremony, followed by Mass. Now, both of us were raised in a christian church with the hymns and all, but it was very dutch. This mornings service was full of ups and downs and kneeling and walking and suddenly people got up to eat bread and we just awkwardly sat stiff in our seats uncertain if it was more offence to partake or to sit and stare. The service was lead by a east indian who prayed “meehhh arrr chraaast blesssss youuuu——— fowevaahhhh aaannnn evaahhhh” assisted by a man who looked like he belonged in Hogwarts teaching Karate in Klingon. After the service, we went over to our neighbours and said hello; however, there were about twenty other people taking photos and talking to them as well. Rather quickly, every asian and other white person had left the sanctuary and there we stood, two white girls in the mix of 20 black people. We stood out. As we kind of stood making strange eyes at each other, Aya said “Sarah, Alix, come in the picture with us!” “uh…. its okay!” We said. But she insisted. I’m happy to have been included. But I am laughing at the thought of what that picture looks like: a beautiful, large group of dark skinned people and babies and in the back with the biggest white girl grins stand two Smithereens. One of whom had barely seen a coloured person before three months ago. 

We had been invited to a lunch afterwards, upstairs. We walked up into about the same scene we left at the church. We ate Fried Chicken,  curry rice, and beef broth soup as we sat in a bedroom full of little kids. After their initial “who are you and why are YOU here?” They got pretty comfortable and before we knew it, Alix and I had babies on our laps and toddlers screaming and running from the tickle monster. It was the strangest Sunday events I’ve ever been a part of. Incredibly fun though. 
Oh! and it snowed last night! 

I am super looking forward to seeing that picture though… 
Stay warm, World! 
All my love, 


One thought on “A Sunday To Top Them All.

  1. Welcome to the world, Sarah! Colour aside I bet it’s the homelike family atmosphere and babies on the knee the helped make your day. Babies on the knee…what I need to motivate me to retire! No pressure. Lands and their people for you to explore yet. Snow!!!!!????? It’s still October.
    Good grief!

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