No Rest For the Working.

Thursday. I was so excited for Thursday. Thursday was MY day; my one day where I could stay home or go out or do whatever I wanted to do. Anything at all. Its the day that both employers have been told “Sarah cannot work this day because she is at her other job that day.” Its fair, I work 5 days a week one job and 4 days at the other. 
Thursday. I got called into work on Thursday. Initially, it was a basic open: 10-3. Once I got to work I was told that the 12-8 was in a car accident and therefore I was going to be rocking yet another shift alone, and staying until 6 at  least. Of course, since it was a car accident and not “I’m hungover”, I changed my attitude and told myself to just keep truckin’ along. I did, and my managers and owners showed their appreciation which made my month. Sometimes, you know that the big guys notice your hard work but it really doesn’t feel like it. Plus I like helping out anyway, but they both said thank you and that made me want to try a little harder to have a better attitude at work. 
Friday. I was happy for it to be the weekend because I could sleep in on saturday and I only had to work at 5. The day went great and I made good money and then I went home and fell asleep. Saturday morning at 10 I was lazily stretching like a cat in the sunshine. It was snowing outside and I was warm and cozy, and then my phone rang. It was the job right next door and the 11 am server was on the other side of a closed road 30 minutes away, unable to show for work. Naturally, without a reason to say no, I went and worked there until three and fell three times as well. My right leg is not to impressed with me lately. At 3:30 I raced back home, changed, and my roommate started the truck so we could get to my other work for 5. It was still snowing and the wipers weren’t working. 
I called a cab. Arriving at work, I was given many compliments from the kitchen staff and also, a 21 top. I got off work at 10:30 there and went home where A and I laid on my bed giggling at our phones as we looked at cat pictures and stupid videos. We texted her boyfriend the most awkward pick up lines we could find until he finally stopped replying, and we went for a 1:30 am ice cream run. Living 2 blocks from a 7/11 is both a blessing and a curse. 
Today I was able to enjoy a lazy sunday and the time change. I was supposed to work at 5 but I bet myself I would be called into either job. I began to doubt myself as it creeped along past 2, and then sure enough, 2:15 I was called to go in for 3. 
10 days of work and 4 more until I get one off. Unless I pick up a shift that day too. But I’m excited for my paycheques especially since my tip jar is higher than the cheques. 
And the most exciting news of all, I get to spend 60 hours on a bus in exchange for 3 and a half days with my family over christmas. 30 hours to get to Smithers at 4:30 am on Christmas eve. 30 hours to get back home leaving on the 27th at 3:45pm and arriving sometime on the 28th. 
It makes working so much now worth it. My siblings all started email accounts and I get some amusing things in my inbox now. 
Anyway, I need to go to work now. 
Stay happy, world! 
All my love, 


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