Far Sick: Part 2

My friends are traveling or in different countries and I’m jealous. 
Random snap chats of surfing in Tofino, a friendly hello from Amman, Jordan, and a boss who got to visit Dallas Texas last week all informed me of how much I dislike sitting in one place. 

Normally, I run to release this anxiety of missing out on the world; however, I broke my toe last week. That hurt. I don’t really want to get into it. I hobbled through a shift five minutes after the incident and then cried and worked another shift the next day in heels. Then I went home and, at my roommate’s suggestion, I started making popcorn. I don’t know how, but I spilled the hot oil on the non broken foot. Alix took the pot, I sat down in the bathroom, and I sobbed rather dramatically about how I “couldn’t do anything right not even make popcorn and what kind of girl doesn’t know how to make popcorn holy crap my foot is blistering in front of my eyes and I thinking I’m going to be sick but why can’t I just be happy and where is a guy to hug me.” 
Like I said, in true theatre-kid fashion, it was a little dramatic. 
Anyway, I usually shove through the pain until it doesn’t hurt anymore. I decided that working two 5+hour shifts a day excused me from running. Instead I did some lame ab exercises and watched a seasons worth of Gilmore Girls. 
It was a glorious week of complaining. 

This week is No-Complaining-November! Tomorrow I’ll be up at 5:30 with a grouchy look on my face and a gym bag in hand. I will drive Alix to her wrestling practice and I will warm up in the gym and then run the track until I have to go to work. Work will be a fun Monday shift, alone as usual. I’ll see my regulars and I’ll clean the plates rack and polish the wood in the dining room. If its rather slow, I’ll do the Metro suduko and possibly mess it up. I’ll drink a pot and a half of coffee to myself and I’ll stare out the window at the snow, dreaming of California, Barcelona, and the ocean in general. 

My farsickness will be sorted out next year. I have a sister in Boston. Boston is sort of close to New York. So, There goes my 5 months of savings. For now, I shall be content with the Gilmores and greyhound bus-rides home. 
Stay cozy, world. I’ll see you soon. 


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